Sunday, December 31, 2006



read it.


i don't want anyone to think that only the french care about jass.

though the french masters of jazz series are stellar collections of jass lacquers/vinyls recaptured on cd, michael cuscuna at mosaic [a sony venture, i think] has also resurrected this musical history.

a tip of my hat to all you jass librarians.


what a great horn.

and what great playing.

you know, i can enjoy miles, chet, art, bix.

and a host of others.

but in the last years of his playing life [1970], bobby hackett was still astonishing me with his mastery of the cornet. if you can find the records from that era, they are the live recordings that he made at the roosevelt grill.

of course, the recordings he made with the great texan trombonist, jack teagarden, twenty years earlier, are beacons of jass artistry.

another great on the cornet was wilbur harden. who made some great recordings with 'trane and then bailed out of the racket. these were reissued on cd's. killer playing of that small trumpet.

those who played the cornet were few. the only other one that i recall who mastered that horn goes back into the 1920's - 1930's. wingy manone.

catch his chops when you can.

Saturday, December 30, 2006


it almost made me park the car to get out and vomit. i was listening to KPCC while driving from my sister's place in brentwood to lax. KPCC was performing an act of fellatio for gerry ford and the reptillian party[i suppose this public station takes money from the cpb].

all the clowns aired for this encomium were academics, public relations adepts[aka journalists]. their mantra: how good and great gerry ford was because he saved the nation from the agony of the trial of richard nixon - he healed the nation.

balderdash. the pardon was a continuation of the cover-up. what ford, and his principal counselors[rumsoaked and dick'em], planned for was the imminent boredom of the electorate and the rejuvenation of a nixonian imperium. and it almost worked. wee jimmy barely won. and the "spooks" started gaming his regime upon his inauguration.

what did gerry ford's pardoning of richard milhous nixon prevent the amerikan electorate from learning? this is not an exhaustive list. consider it a list than can be enlarged....

1. the objective of the watergate burglary.
2. was mccord a mole, whose principal task was to torpedo the nixon regime?
3. how amerikan politics is really financed? and by whom? and by what secret methods?
4. how do amerikan pols[presidents specifically] escape political life with estates valued in the millions of dollars?
5. some may recall that the JCS was spying on nixon and his cardinal kissinger. why? was it just a project of moorer's, using only yeoman radford? or was the entirety of the military hierarchy of the usa involved in the espionage[activities that might be regarded as either patriotic or treasonous].
6. what were the roles of the israeli intell services in nixon's demise?
7. was the amerikan media in the control of intell services at this time?

the investigation of these questions, these issues, was stymied by ford's pardon. in a very real sense, this squelching of the investigation into the reality of what "watergate" represented, was the zenith of the cover-up.

growing up amongst the families that ran the state of ohio, i recall how they viewed the pardon. they all applauded gerry ford. as a very powerful ohio reptillian, as a very powerful ohio demtillian told me, without that pardon, the illusion of the democratic republic of the usa might have been revealed...gerry ford preserved the punch and judy show, enabling the puppeteers to continue conning the marks.

on my blog, over the next few days, i shall relate my experiences with reptillian extortion in dc during the nixon regime.

some say, no ill should be spoken of the dead. horse manure. i was trained to be a historian. gerry ford was an adept at thwarting a true, accurate historical record of his era in amerikan politics. forensically, i find that gerald ford was just another gangster masquerading.

Friday, December 29, 2006


remember that name.

how much was he taking from big pharma?

when my mom was trying to recover from an assault in an assisted living facility, the baptist memorial hospital's spring shadows pine facility was recommended. it had a dementia unit and a skilled nursing wing.

since mom's cognition had declined after the assault and the surgery, and since she needed pt, it seemed like the best place. and though it was way too far away from me, i had the luxury to be there virtually every day.

RON was the director of this dementia unit. his bona fide was that he was an acolyte of the gay gangster, gajdusek.

in retrospect, i think that zweighaft was on the payroll of big pharma. how else can you explain his prescriptions for my mom - zyprexa, paxil, aricept, thorazine, etc.

it was interesting. moving her from houston to los angeles, the gerontologists in LA were shocked by her regimen of psychoactive drugs as prescribed by ZWEIGHAFT.they told me that their initial mission was to wean her off of those drugs.

that was in the spring of 1998.

i care to tell you that attitude prolonged her life. she did die, finally, as we all must. but living without the psychoactives probably were the most responsible for her living until 1995.


i first encountered his photos at apex gallery on brea in LA.


i have now acquired a pair. flywheels and moon over bethlehem.

they remind me of japanese woodblocks.

tune into them.



the question has been asked, WHY DID WE INVADE IRAQ?

for the same reason that BUSHIT1 invaded panama.

to extricate those records that document the bushit family's financial relationships with these cia-created stooges[dictators].

if you were doing your reading, you might recall that paul o'neill[in the ron suskind book] related that within hours after the inauguration of the unelected, the planning for the invasion of iraq commenced.

now, why was bushit2 so keen on invading iraq? because bushit1 had failed to go far enough in 1991 - allowing saddam to retain the records of the financial relationship that he had with baker and bushit1.

bushit2 was terrified by the leverage that saddam held concerning that commercial relationship. and additionally, the mossad, the shin bet owned the bush family - whatever the zionists wanted, bushit2 would have to deliver it.

i close this way, the iraqi incursion into kuwait was part of a scheme to squeeze cash out of the emir sabah. major beneficiaries of this bit of extortion were james baker and the bushit family.

leaving saddam in control of iraq, then, was the favor for the facilitator of the extortion.

and saddam and iraq would have been left alone by bushit2 except for this feature of his life....he is owned by the israeli intell services. just imagine what they know.

has the light turned on, now? do you understand who really runs amerika?

it ain't amerikans.

rabbi abramoff, rabbi feith, rabbi chertoff , rabbi bodansky, et alia. ad infinitum.

Thursday, December 28, 2006


i like it when i encounter another student of history who discovers what i think that i discovered.


enjoy the read.


it is astonishing how the amerikan automobile designers still cannot get it.

for example, i rented a cadillac sts over this christmas weekend.

what a joke of a car.

longer than my brother-in-law's volkswagen passat.

yet, the passat has more interior room.

this cadillac sts is a four door car. but it has no back seat room. and barely enough front seat room.

who is designing these cadillacs?

all my old benz coupes are more honest designs. they have only two doors. they make no pretensions to being able to carry four[4] adult passengers.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


i wonder what it is that captures the imagination.

today, i took my 16 year old niece to LACMA's retrospective of rene magritte.

it is a fabulous bit of curating.

she said that she enjoyed it, but i think that she was being polite. perhaps the problem is that 16 year old girls at pali high have different priorities. and perhaps i was lucky that she deigned to accompany me to the show.

still, i recall some decades back when an artist friend in boston surrendered to me his ticket to the cezanne retrospective. on the proviso that i take his 4 year old daughter. it was one of the most magical of times....julia was captivated by the art. i was astonished how a 4 year old tuned-in.

if you live in METRO LA, if you are traveling through, make the time to view this show. keep your eyes open. there are some good chuckles that i think many miss.

earlier this year in LA, i caught a show at the hammer that i highly recommend.

SOCIETE ANONYME. i think it is now at the phillips collection in DC. catch it. another curatorial triumph.

Sunday, December 24, 2006


i love my nieces. but they are televidiots. i want to listen to chopin, schubert. and the great recording - wagner without words. and read.

today's book is a present to myself. dorothy fall's bio of her husband, bernard.

i am only starting it, but on pages 22-23, there is what i think to be an important reflection on "terrorism".

i think it may be a book we all need to read.

certainly, reflections on dien bien phu are timely now. for that is what the green zone in baghdad resembles.

for more on dbp, i recommend howard simpson's book. he was there.

and if you can ever find it, pierre schoendorffer's[sic] film, dien bien phu.

perhaps in the new year the reality of the us forces' entrapment and surrendering will occur. the finest gift santa could ever bring the usa.

prayerfully, the end of the illusion of empire.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


my nieces have become a tough culinary audience.

a few years back, all they would eat was the plainest of pastas.

but they have been growing up.

and developing an adventurous palate. i recall last year when i took them to LUCQUES for dinner. softshell crab was on the menu. i was going to order it. lucy ordered it before i did. i changed my plans, thinking that i was going to eventually get lucy's softshell.

she had never had it before. she ate every bit of it.

tonight, i was in the box for preparing something fast and tasty. lucy[16] and her sister georgia[19] were going out for holiday parties.

crabmeat tacos were something that i bet they had never encountered before.

the biggest stumbling block was finding the principal ingredient: wild-caught jumbo lump blue crabmeat. from either the chesapeake or from the gulf coast.

whole foods didn't have it. vicente foods had farm-raised from thailand. santa monica seafoods didn't have it.

gelson's in pacifica palisades had it. actually, the most fantastic jumbo lump that i have found in a long time.

gelson's also had the yellow corn tortillas of the larger size. made by mission, these are not available in my town, houston. why, i wonder?

anyway, here is the receipt[for 4-5].

1. 16 oz jumbo lump blue crabmeat. sautee using grapeseed oil. at the end of that process, squeeze the juice of one key lime into the skillet and toss one last time.

turn off the heat and cover for 1-2 minutes.

2. heat yellow corn tortillas in oven at 350 for 1minute.

3. freshly-made guacamole

4. shredded iceberg lettuce

5. shredded radichio

6. cilantro leaves

7. albert's famous fish sauce...

a. 6 tablespoons mayonnaise[hellman's works]
b. 3 teaspoons moutarde des pompiers[pommery]
c. 1 tablespoon capers[minced]
d. chervil[to taste]
e. chives[to taste]
f. tarragon[to taste]
g. cayenne[to taste]
h. juice of a half key lime

i recommend taking the toasted corn tortilla and filling it this way....

2 tablespoons of the sauteed crabmeat
a tablespoon of guacamole
a tablespoon of the fish sauce

wrap the tortilla. devour and enjoy.

8. accompany it with a very dry white wine. my choices....

a. rancho zabaco's dancing bull sauv blanc
b. kim crawford's unoaked chardonnay
c. a savennieres from the loire valley

i think that you will conclude that this may be a better usage for blue crab than crab cakes. easier, faster.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

IAH-LAX: 20/12/06

there are these individuals that continue to assert that on 11/09/01 cell phone calls could have occurred from the airliners.

and even more astonishing, that lengthy conversations occurred.

these conversations could not have occurred in 2001.

they could not occur today, in 2006.

once again, i thought that i would conduct an investigation into the capabilities of cell phones in airliners. i have done this many times over the last 5 years, but since the disinformation agents are infiltrating purportedly "anti-fascist" blogs[eschaton, for instance], and since i was flying from IAH - LAX today, i thought i would violate the strictures concerning cellphones[once again] and keep mine on for the entirety of the that i could monitor connectivity[handshaking] from an airliner moving at cruising speeds at altitude along a route of travel with lots of cell towers.

i departed IAH on a 737-900. i had a window seat way up front, 2A. best position imaginable for cell connection and audibility.

launched at 13:30 cst. had a connection at launch.

within 5 minutes of climb-out, signal lost. and signal stayed lost across texas. this is pretty interesting because the route of travel is above interstate 10, which sprint has wallpapered with cell towers.

according to the pilot, we were cruising at 33,000 ft. we were on top of weather until we passed san antonio, then all was clear.

a new tower must have been erected on the eastern edge of el paso within the last few months. i say that because on the eastern periphery of el paso, at 14:00 mst, my phone came alive - handshaked - telling me that i had a voicemail msg. i immediately called to retrieve the msg. within 1-2 minutes, handshaking could not occur. the msg could not be retrieved. no connection could be effected.

i wish that i had my sectional charts. so that i could figure out what little town i was over, because at 14:25 mst, my cell phone indicated signal strength. again, i think a new tower has been erected. i tried to call my voicemail to retrieve my msg, but no connection could be established. the airliner had run beyond the range of the tower.

remember what i told you is speed that prevents cell phone conversations from airliners. that was true in 2001. and remains true in 2006. anyone who tells you otherwise is a disinformation agent for the state.

after this spike of signal strength, no signal could be attracted during the remainder of the flight.

overflying palm springs, when we began to descend, no signal. no connection.

at 14:34 pst, this aircraft was below 10,000' and beginning its final descent to LAX. no signal.

14:41 pst, gear down, just east of the palos verde peninsula. no signal.

14:43 no signal.

14:44 crossing the 405, final approach, suddenly a signal. 3 bars.

14:45 touch down. 5 bars.

does this inform you how impossible it was that any cell phone conversations occurred on 11/09/01?

it if doesn't, then you really have a problem. or you are an agent of the state.

remember this, if cell phone conversations could not have been conducted that day[and technically, they couldn't have been] then no proofs have been furnished us that any airliners were hijacked. and that being the reality, all of what you think you know about that day - you don't know.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


the mind of man/woman continues to puzzle me.

either there are disinformation agents posting on the eschaton site or there are individuals who think that the bushit regime will lie about some subjects, but will tell the truth about others. and, they think that they can discern prevarications from truths.

late last night, i picked up on some postings accusing me of being stupid, ignorant because of a piece i put up on this blog that was very critical of an article that aired recently in THE NATION.

especially as it pertained to cellphone communications on 11 september 2001.

from the few posts that i caught while traveling, a few posters[imposters] assert that i don't understand the capabilities of cellphones in airliners in 2001.

it is important to emphasize, here, that without those cellphone conversations that have been proffered by the bushit state, there is virtually no other probative evidence that any "arabs" hijacked four airliners on that day. in other words, if the cellphone calls could not have been made, conducted, then the heart of the bushit regime's assertions about that day have been ripped out.

and if those cellphone conversations are tantamount to arlen spector's magic bullet, then the rationales for the invasions of afghanistan, iraq are provably fraudulent. and acts of treason.

and that takes me to the issue of certain [im]posters. "snow, country" in particular. but a few others, as well.

from time to time, i have read some posts from some of these individuals. and they seem to be skeptical about the bushit regime and its pronouncements.

but, when the issue involves the events of 11/09/01, anything asserted by the bushits seems to be accurate. and anyone who points out the problems with the bushit assertions is ignorant, stupid, a conspiracy theorist. hmmmmmm.

i will be dealing with this issue of faith-based reality, selective perceptions, at greater detail when i reach my final destination. but for now, pay attention....

on 11/09/2001, cellphones could not make connections, nor conduct any long-term conversations from aircraft traveling at normal cruising speeds, at altitudes much above 3,000 - 8,000 ft.

that was reality then. it remains reality.

i read some [im]poster relate that he could carry on cellphone conversations whenever he flew. i shall be quite candid, now. i consider that assertion a prevarication. but, that [im]poster is invited to relate what years, what routes of travel, at what altitudes, on what airlines, he was able to do this.

i have been routinely flying between iah-lax for the last decade with a cellphone. it is a vector that overflies interstate 10. my cellphone company's have been verizon and sprint. their towers run the length of I-10. since 11/09/01, i have been making a record of cellphone capabilities along this well-towered vector. here are my observations....

within minutes of launching from either iah or lax, the cellphone loses its ability to find service. why? two principal reasons, the cell towers are designed for terrestrial communications and they are designed for stationary or virtually stationary[less than 150nph] signals.

in 2001, terrestrial cell towers were line of sight devices. and the antenna array would be unable to pick up signals above certain altitudes. the altitude would depend on certain factors: placement[location] of the tower, height of the tower.

in 2001, very few towers were taller than 75 ft. this limited altitude pick-up to less than 5,000 ft.

but the salient problem was speed of the signal source. if your cellphone was under 5,000 ft and traveling at speeds of less than 110nph, and you had a window seat, with the phone next to the window, you could probably make a connection. and even have been able to have maintained it until you traveled beyond the range of the initiating tower.

but let us reflect upon those airliners on that day.

the salient conversations, purportedly, were transmitted from aircraft traveling over some of the most inadequately served cell areas in north amerika. areas where my salesmen in 2001 could not regularly connect to a cell tower. areas that are similar to eastern montana, northeastern wyoming.

the assertion that anyone in those airliners made cellphone connections, let alone conducted lengthy conversations, has to be considered a fiction.

as i know the 2001 technology, the only way that a passenger in an airliner could make and preserve a connection in an airliner would be for these conditions to obtain:

1. aircraft would have to be below 5,000 ft.

2. aircraft would have to be traveling either at virtual stall speeds or circling a cell tower.

3. passenger using cellphone would have to be in window seat with phone virtually against window.

all these conditions were not operative on 11/09/01.

i want to end this in this fashion. have you ever been on an airliner in flight when someone is using the airfones? with the background noise, haven't you noticed how the passenger using the airfone shouts into the airfone?

similarly, haven't you been on a commercial airliner when it is on the ground, and cell phone usage is allowed. didn't you hear every conversation as the communicators shouted into their phones?

so, consider this, aircraft have been hijacked. and yet, with hijackers controlling the plane, some passengers go unnoticed yelling into their cellphones. because i can assure you of this, even if you are sitting forward of the engines, you must speak loudly to be heard over the drone of the background noise. and i think no hijacker would fail to hear that.

i close this way...

put a tail on ted olson. my guess is that if you do that, you will find barbara.

investigate the estate filings for all those passengers on those airliners.

try to figure out why the families of the airliner passengers have been more acquiescent to the bushit story of that day than the families of those victims of the wtc. in fact, it is my understanding that the families of 93 refused compensation.

why? is it because they know that their loved ones are still alive?

and why doesn't the purportedly legit press examine these issues? zionists?

how many witness protection program communities does the state operate?

are there "prisoner" sites where passengers on those airliners, from that day, are being incarcerated?

anything goes with this bushit regime.

put a tail on ted olson is my last recommendation. if you do that, i think you will find barbara.

Sunday, December 17, 2006


is THE NATION controlled by the state? is it a periodical that is structured to capture a political sentimentality: then once having captured individuals with that sentimentality, seduces them by the slickest sophistry to tailor their suit of perceptions.

in fits and starts, i have been a long-term subscriber. but on several occasions, i have canceled my subscription.

one cancellation involved RADIO NATION employing marc cooper while he worked as a censor, in concert with mark schubb, at the LA PACIFICA STATION, KPFK. oh, and i made sure that THE NATION knew why i was cancelling.

when i noticed that RADIO NATION had ceased using cooper as the host, i revitalized my sub.

but cancelled it again some months back when they aired the most fraudulently-written-edited essay on conspiracy theories. JFK-MLK-RFK-RMN-JEC-WJC students/researchers were labeled in a pejorative manner. the conclusion of the essay was inescapable: the government of the united states is always telling you the truth...accept its explanations, shut up, stop researching, move on.

i cancelled that subscription within minutes of reading that bit of ferocious agitprop.

and stopped reading that bit of agitprop.

but, a few days ago, i encountered a site that posted a recent THE NATION essay on 9-11 conspiracists. hmmmmmmm. once again, the nation has cared to try and instruct its readers to believe the state.

was it written by a christopher hayes[shays]? what i thought interesting was that it used a technique that THE NATION has used when discrediting the researchers of events that i label EXECUTIVE ACTIONS.

for example, the author assaults the researchers for disputes concerning cell phone communication capabilities at certain altitudes. and because of these disputes, the researchers have no legitimacy.

that is the purest example of sophistry that you may ever encounter.

let us talk about cellphone capabilities in 2001. let us talk about the realities that THE NATION preferred to ignore. i cannot speculate on the motive[s]. but there is no speculation concerning the OBJECTIVE[S] - DO ANYTHING TO DESCREDIT THOSE WHO ARE INVESTIGATING THE OFFICIAL STORY CONCERNING THE EVENTS OF 11 SEPTEMBER 2001.

everyone in the cellphone industry, with any technical knowledge, knows that the cellphone communications that occurred involving those aircraft could not have occurred.


it is a matter of speed. and route of the aircraft.

and that the 911 commission failed to investigate these aspects of the day should inform you that the commission was a COVER-UP. COVERING-UP WHAT IS THE ISSUE.

why are the cellphone conversations so important? because they are the only proof that has been proferred by the usg that arabs hijacked four aircraft. without those cellphone conversations, there is no evidence of any arab men boarding these airliners. let alone hijacking them.

can you imagine that this commission refused to fly aircraft at similar speeds, route of travel, with passengers using cellphones? well, they did refuse to conduct that investigation.

but here is the technology limitations as they existed in september 2001. as they still exist.

cellphone communications from aircraft is primarily a "handshaking" problem.

you must understand, terrestrial cell towers have been positioned on the proposition that the initiating tower will be able to complete the "handshaking".

successful "handshaking" requires that the cellphone be within some mileage radius of the tower, be in line of sight of the antenna focus of the cell tower, and not be moving beyond it at speeds exceeding double the double nickel[beyond max legal, or possible, highway speeds]. 110mph.

aircraft-involved cell communications were never contemplated in the design and engineering of these towers, these networks. depending upon the height of a tower, line of sight could range from ground level to 5,000 - 8,000 ft.

but it is the SPEED of the commercial airliners that prevent successful "handshaking". NOT ALTITUDE.


and as the "published" flight paths and timings reveal, such "circlings" of cell towers did not occur.

therefore, there were no legitimate cell phone conversations from the "hijacked" airliners. the records of those conversations are inventions["legends"].

and THE NATION could have learned this. had its editors wanted to learn the truth.

very easy investigation to conduct, missy. you have the money. just charter a lear 35. run the routes as they have been noted. take along an independent observer. tell us when you finish these runs if you can establish, sustain a cellphone conversation.

you say you cannot find an observer? i volunteer. and if you don't want to fund the investigation from your fortune, or THE NATION'S, i shall try to raise the dough. i think that there are a lot of us out there who would love to contribute to this bit of proof. proving THE NATION a stooge organization. proving the 911 COMMISSION another bunch of stooges.

but this research must be accomplished under THE NATION's auspices.


but, here is how i care to close this, THE NATION will not conduct this investigation. it will be no more interested in reality than was the 911 commission.

there were no cellphone conversations from these airliners on that day. when the state tells you that there were such communications, you should recognize that the state is lying to you. BIG TIME.

and that is just concerning the state's lies concerning cellphone communications. and since that is so monstrously false, how monstrously false is the rest of the story that they have foisted upon you?

Saturday, December 16, 2006


some like the big, sea scallops. often identified as diver scallops.

and over the years, i have enjoyed them.

when i think i was one of the pioneers in trading with china back in 1987, in shandong province, i loved the stir-fried, small scallops. in fact, those scallop dishes were the best meals we were offered until we reached sichuan province.

but, it is this time of the year when the sweetest scallops in this hemisphere are available. the nantucket bay scallops. a very limited season. thanksgiving to mid-january.

i like to cook them very simply. marinate them for a few hours in grapeseed oil. fire up the barbie. i recommend hardwood charcoal. put a wok over those coals.

let the coals burn down to dull red. throw the scallops into the wok. stir for 2- 4 minutes. if you have such a grill, pull the wok off the direct heat, throw some soaked mesquite chips onto the hot coals, cover the grill. for about a minute.

then remove the scallops. let them cool for 1-2 minutes. squeeze on the juice from a key lime.

you will never taste better.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


it is sad, you know, that george walker bush can liken himself to harry truman and virtually no one recognizes the irony. perhaps that is because very few understand the real history of the truman era.

so, as a preface, let me cite some books that might provide more dimension of the truman presidency.

1. cumings, bruce: the monstrous 2-volume history, THE ORIGINS OF THE KOREAN WAR.

2. cumings, bruce & halliday, jon: korea - the unknown war. this was a companion volume to a documentary that these scholars produced for thames television. eventually, it was aired in the usa on pbs, but highly redacted. for a history of that monstrosity of historical censorship, see cumings' recounting - TELEVISION WAR.

3. stone, i.f.: the hidden history of the korean war. and a collection of his essays entitled, the truman era.

there may be more good history of the truman era out there, but these books will give you a start.

in my assessment, truman revealed himself to be a homicidal psychopath when he ordered the nuclear bombardment of hiroshima, nagasaki. there was absolutely no need for this mass murdering of essentially civilian[non-combatant] populations.

after all, curtis lemay's B-29's and their thermite bombs had destroyed virtually the entirety of japan's urban areas. built of wood and paper, they went up better than most suburbanites' backyard barbecue grills.

and the B-29's had complete mastery of the air. japan had no aircraft capable of interdicting them.

and by 1945, the japanese had no navy. and no indigenous hydrocarbons[no coal, no oil, no natural gas]. japan was an island surrounded, blockaded in all dimensions.

but truman, the beacon of bullying, did his war crime thing. and by and large, has gotten away with it. harry truman - the tough guy. instead of harry truman - the mass murderer.

but hiroshima, nagasaki are the first revealing aspects of harry truman's character[or lack of].

now, let us bounce to korea. historically, korea had never been a divided country.

even after japan assumed control of the country after the russo-japanese war in 1905, the country was not divided.

BUT, at yalta, fdr and old joe decided that they would divide the korean peninsula at the 38th parallel. and in 1945, at potsdam, old harry agreed to preserve this divisive arrangement. no koreans were consulted concerning this division of their country.

following the signing of the surrender documents on the big mo in edo bay, the usarmy took control of korea.

think upon this as if you were kim il sung. you had been the leader of an anti-japanese band of insurrectionists[korean patriots] and suddenly, not only was your country being cut in half, but in the southern half, the usa was appointing japanese war criminals as its administrative surrogates.

in addition to truman's willingness to kill thousands of non-combatant japanese, in addition to his willingness to steal the korean peninsula, let us consider his domestic actions[those that he instigated, those that he allowed to be instigated].

truman was the first president since woody that asserted the doctrine that george walker bush has asserted: you either with us or against us. and if you are not with us, you are treading on treasonable activities.

so, what did old harry bring to the usa? loyalty oaths. and all the secret policemen...the cia, the nsa, and an empowered stasi, hoover's fbi. illegal wiretapping. the surreptitious reading of mail. etc ad infinitum.

the most interesting aspect of old harry was his program to infiltrate and destroy the amerikan trade union movement.

and to energize the future of war profiteering... an activity that has been enshrined ever since.

but what makes old harry so interesting today is how much he is the model for george walker bush. both invaded other countries. and both f*cked up their invasions.

and both had a press that overlooked their crimes, their incompetence.

i have long said, if you knew the true history of the amerikan invasion of korea, then you would have been more adamant in opposing the invasion of vietnam, grenada, panama, nicaragua, iraq.

what i think most interesting about the perceptions of the amerikan invasion of korea is the barren aspect of the korean landscape.

just to enlighten you, prior to this amerikan invasion, korea was a leafy country.

but then old harry unleashed curtis lemay. who bombed the shit out of the korean peninsula.

and then there was the napalm. indiscriminately dropped everywhere.

because it was understood by the usa, and by the un that it controlled, that there were no allies in korea. all were opposed to the amerikan invasion. therefore, all deserved death.

and that is the real history.

so, when you hear george walker bush likening himself to old harry, don't miss the truth of that statement.

by the way, old harry was a colossal f*ck up in the management of the korean invasion. his first error was invading. but the errors kept on climbing

remind you of anyone?

old harry would never relinquish his f*ck up.

and eventually, it may have been this refusal that insured his party's defeat, eisenhower's election.

and though ike ended the active combat, real redress was never achieved.

korea is still divided. which is an artificial situation imposed upon korea by the usa.

there are still thousands of us troops occupying the southern half of the korean peninsula.

and much as is the situation in iraq, the amerikan press continues to prevaricate concerning korean realities.

Monday, December 11, 2006


what a fabulous voice.

he said that he was a heldentenor. who could argue with that.

i first heard him in thieleman's version of the ring at bayreuth. singing siegfried.

i wanted a recording of that ring. just for his singing.

but it will probably never be released.

on the other hand, dgg released his singing of siegfried.

a killer bit of artistry.

if you can find it, acquire it. one of the great voices of the era.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


i have broken out the pol roger [2005 winston churchill cuvee]. put the "up to your ass in brass" recording of gabrieli's antiphonal celebratory music on the turntable, and celebrate the demise of the gangster general. one fascist bastid down, so many more to go.

i caught some of npr's weekend edition on this sty a few minutes ago. i thought it was a pretty lame obit. so much excised. perhaps you will be so kind as to allow me to fill in some of the gaps in national propaganda radio's coverage of the career of the gangster general.

in a very real sense, the coup, which commenced on 11 September 1973, was the creation of the government of the united states of america. it was energized by the potus, richard nixon, and his minister for international plunder and murder, henry kissinger. the planning for the coup, the management of the coup, was conducted by many branches of the us intell services[cia, nsa, oni]. in a very real sense, the gangster general was just a puppet.

prior to the coup, us agents had been doing to chile exactly what kermit roosevelt had been doing in iran twenty years earlier so as to defenestrate mosadegh.

richard nixon, henry kissinger, in concert with richard helms[dci] decided that they were going to eliminate one of the oldest, most stable constitutional republics in the western hemisphere. a unique republic in latin america. though having a military, since its founding, chile had never experienced a "golpe"[coup/a military junta]. only the usa could impose that darkness on chile.

in essential respects the coupsters were identical to that other group of murderers that nixon, kissinger, and helms created... pol pot and the khmer rouge.

the initial assault of the coupsters was on the broadcasting facilities in chile. closing them down. putting the chileans into darkness. and then there were the harrier jets bombing la moneda, the formal residence of the democratically elected chilean head of state, dr. salvador allende.

before the mass murders in the national stadium, there was the murder of dr. allende. possibly committed by a us citizen, posing as an intermediary. though the "official" story was that dr. allende committed suicide, he was assassinated. if not at the hand of a us citizen, then by an agent of the usa.

following that unnecessary murder, the real bloodlust began at the national stadium. trade unionists, anti-fascists, constitutionalists were murdered in that first wave. though the exact numbers are not solidly known, something on the order of 1,500 - 3,000 were executed in the stadium by the chilean army upon the orders of the junta.

and then began the "caravan of death", where the chilean army and air force traveled throughout the country executing those trade unionists, anti-fascists, that were not in santiago on 11 september 1973[chile's 911, ironically].

though pinochet was not responsible for the assassination of the anti-golpist, consitutionalist general, chilean chief of staff, rene schneider, prior to the coup, i assert that the us intell services were. and that pinochet was well aware of that.

but he was responsible for the 1974 murder of schneider's successor, carlos prats. on his orders, the chilean secret police, DINA, exploded a bomb in the car in which the exiled chilean general and his wife were riding in argentina.

and he was responsible for the DINA's assassination of orlando letelier, allende's minister of defense, on 21 september 1976. in washington, dc. an assassination that also killed a us citizen, ronni moffit, and seriously wounded her husband.

this occurred on the watch of nixon's replacement, gerald ford. and his dci, george herbert walker bush. it was, to the best of my knowledge, the first act of foreign terrorism perpetrated in the usa since the end of ww2.

yet the usg did nothing. no invasion of chile. no warrants for the arrest of the gangster general. based on the usg response, i think that you would have to conclude that the usg concurred with the "hit". were co-conspirators.

throughout his regime, pinochet continued to function as a "hitman" for the usa in latin amerika[aka the southern cone]. he orchestrated a fascist, murder inc - known as operation condor - which had a mission to assassinate trade unionists, constitutionalists, anti-fascists throughout the hemisphere. other nations that were parties to operation condor were bolivia, argentina, paraguay, uruguay, peru. at times brazil may have been a participant. at times, every country in latin amerika may have been a participant.

oh, and operation condor was not a free-lance operation. not a rogue operation. it was run by the usa.

many of the military operatives for this latin amerikan assassination project were students at that infamous ft benning military school. once known as the school of the amerikas. but better understood as the school of the fascist assassins.

i care to close with the final irony when we consider the chilean military after the "golpe".

though the image is that they became "golpists" so as to prevent the imposition of "socialism" in chile, i think that the record would reveal that they were just a bunch of gangsters funded by that larger gangster state in the western hemisphere - the usa.

it has been a long time, so i may have forgotten some things. and i no longer keep up with all the recent developments in chile. if i get some names inaccurately, if things have changed. and you know more than i do, please correct this record.

as some may know, chile has some of the world's largest copper deposits. most of the mines were owned and operated by foreign companies. i think that allende nationalized them. and i recall that pinochet de-nationalized them. but with an interesting proviso....the chilean military retirement fund got a piece of the equity. oh, and the retirement fund proceeds were weighted in such a way that generals got a lot more of that equity than did a private.

sometime back in the late 1980's, when it appeared as if the "golpists" might lose control of chile, they did some pretty nasty bits of economic raping of the country.

one that i particularly liked[NOT] was the destruction of the rio bio-bio. one of the great wild rivers in the world, the "golpists" decided it needed to be dammed so as to produce hydroelectric power. the project was wholly unnecessary, but the major beneficiaries were the pinochetistas.

and then there was carlos cardoen and cardoen enterprises. a pinochet friend who was somehow furnished us cluster bomb designs[larry franklin?]. and then manufactured them in chile. and sold them to those countries to whom the usg professed to be unwilling to sell them. this was during the reagan/bush era.

sold to iraq, of course. but since these were aerial munitions, the major customer was israel. though you didn't see the iaf aerial bombardment of beirut back then, though us-supplied f16's were the carriers, the anti-personnel, indiscriminate murder devices were manufactured by the ordnance manufacturer owned by the chilean military[and who else - carlisle group?].

so much more could be said. but, this is not a history book. nor a final exam. just reflections on a world that i encountered.

Friday, December 08, 2006


a sad end to a music lover's browsing paradise.

an unfortunate death.

killed by the pricing policies of the recorded music industry.

and steve jobs.

ishitunes never captured my imagination.

i was a browser. and tower was a browser's delight. i think on its classical store on the south side of sunset in hollywood fondly. as i listen to this great collection of pablo casals that i stumbled into there.

and then there was the killer jass that i stumbled into. the best stuff was these french recordings...masters of jazz...charlie christian, charlie parker, wardell gray, louis armstrong, duke ellington, prez, stan getz, bix, benny carter. fabulous cd's that were transcriptions of private collectors' LP collections.

i was one of the lucky ones. i discovered these recordings early enough to acquire all of them that were available. it still saddens me that masters of jazz stopped its wardell gray retrospective before reissuing the totality of some maven's collection.

little known, but one of the great tenor sax adepts of the post ww2 era.

apple and amazon. killers of browsing.

i think on the women that i have noticed at dutton's in brentwood, writing down isbn #'s[i am sure that men do this as well, i have just never noticed them doing it as ostentatiously]. and i am sure that they go home and order the books from amazon.

the brave new world.

so it goes, unfortunately.

mortituri te salutamus.

Monday, December 04, 2006


his nobel acceptance address needs hearing.