Sunday, December 31, 2006


what a great horn.

and what great playing.

you know, i can enjoy miles, chet, art, bix.

and a host of others.

but in the last years of his playing life [1970], bobby hackett was still astonishing me with his mastery of the cornet. if you can find the records from that era, they are the live recordings that he made at the roosevelt grill.

of course, the recordings he made with the great texan trombonist, jack teagarden, twenty years earlier, are beacons of jass artistry.

another great on the cornet was wilbur harden. who made some great recordings with 'trane and then bailed out of the racket. these were reissued on cd's. killer playing of that small trumpet.

those who played the cornet were few. the only other one that i recall who mastered that horn goes back into the 1920's - 1930's. wingy manone.

catch his chops when you can.


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