Saturday, December 30, 2006


it almost made me park the car to get out and vomit. i was listening to KPCC while driving from my sister's place in brentwood to lax. KPCC was performing an act of fellatio for gerry ford and the reptillian party[i suppose this public station takes money from the cpb].

all the clowns aired for this encomium were academics, public relations adepts[aka journalists]. their mantra: how good and great gerry ford was because he saved the nation from the agony of the trial of richard nixon - he healed the nation.

balderdash. the pardon was a continuation of the cover-up. what ford, and his principal counselors[rumsoaked and dick'em], planned for was the imminent boredom of the electorate and the rejuvenation of a nixonian imperium. and it almost worked. wee jimmy barely won. and the "spooks" started gaming his regime upon his inauguration.

what did gerry ford's pardoning of richard milhous nixon prevent the amerikan electorate from learning? this is not an exhaustive list. consider it a list than can be enlarged....

1. the objective of the watergate burglary.
2. was mccord a mole, whose principal task was to torpedo the nixon regime?
3. how amerikan politics is really financed? and by whom? and by what secret methods?
4. how do amerikan pols[presidents specifically] escape political life with estates valued in the millions of dollars?
5. some may recall that the JCS was spying on nixon and his cardinal kissinger. why? was it just a project of moorer's, using only yeoman radford? or was the entirety of the military hierarchy of the usa involved in the espionage[activities that might be regarded as either patriotic or treasonous].
6. what were the roles of the israeli intell services in nixon's demise?
7. was the amerikan media in the control of intell services at this time?

the investigation of these questions, these issues, was stymied by ford's pardon. in a very real sense, this squelching of the investigation into the reality of what "watergate" represented, was the zenith of the cover-up.

growing up amongst the families that ran the state of ohio, i recall how they viewed the pardon. they all applauded gerry ford. as a very powerful ohio reptillian, as a very powerful ohio demtillian told me, without that pardon, the illusion of the democratic republic of the usa might have been revealed...gerry ford preserved the punch and judy show, enabling the puppeteers to continue conning the marks.

on my blog, over the next few days, i shall relate my experiences with reptillian extortion in dc during the nixon regime.

some say, no ill should be spoken of the dead. horse manure. i was trained to be a historian. gerry ford was an adept at thwarting a true, accurate historical record of his era in amerikan politics. forensically, i find that gerald ford was just another gangster masquerading.


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