Friday, December 29, 2006


remember that name.

how much was he taking from big pharma?

when my mom was trying to recover from an assault in an assisted living facility, the baptist memorial hospital's spring shadows pine facility was recommended. it had a dementia unit and a skilled nursing wing.

since mom's cognition had declined after the assault and the surgery, and since she needed pt, it seemed like the best place. and though it was way too far away from me, i had the luxury to be there virtually every day.

RON was the director of this dementia unit. his bona fide was that he was an acolyte of the gay gangster, gajdusek.

in retrospect, i think that zweighaft was on the payroll of big pharma. how else can you explain his prescriptions for my mom - zyprexa, paxil, aricept, thorazine, etc.

it was interesting. moving her from houston to los angeles, the gerontologists in LA were shocked by her regimen of psychoactive drugs as prescribed by ZWEIGHAFT.they told me that their initial mission was to wean her off of those drugs.

that was in the spring of 1998.

i care to tell you that attitude prolonged her life. she did die, finally, as we all must. but living without the psychoactives probably were the most responsible for her living until 1995.


Blogger albertchampion said...

sorry, 2005

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Blogger flyscott said...

You are begging for a lawsuit.

10:54 AM  
Blogger rmzweighaft said...

The first time a patient pointed these comments out to me I chose to ignore them as the ramblings of a frustrated man angry at the world around him. Note his other articles to see what I mean...Now a second patient has brought them to my attention so I feel I have to respond. First of all I am not on the payroll of any drug company . I am a board-certified neurologist and a Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology and an honor graduate of Rice University and of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas and I have been working in the field of dementia and Alzheimers Disease for nearly 30 years. I set up one of the first if not the very first dedicated nursing unit for Advanced Dementia including Alzheimers Disease in Houston at a time when it was not a household word. The drugs Mr. Champion mentions were then and are still used today for the cognitive and behavioral deterioration of the advanced disease although better ones have since come along. Their use has always been controversial. Some unnamed geriatric doctor in southern California is entitled to his opinion too, but who is he, where did he train, and how much experience with severely demented patients did he have when he made his alleged comments. And how does he treat these unfortunate patients who do not even know their own children or what day it is and stay up all night restless and aggitated? Behavioral drugs are not desirable but when patients are up and wandering in the middle of the night and bothering others and families are not available to come and comfort them, these medications are the next best thing we have. Finally with regard to Daniel Carleton Gajdusek (1923-2008) Nobel Prize winner 1976 for the discovery of transmissable dementia and what we now call Prions, his work shattered the myth that Alzheimers was a "mental disorder" and opened the modern era of thinking of dementia not as something inevitable that just happens as we get older but as a disease process like heart disease that modern medicine through basic research and with evolving drugs and biologicals can one day conquer. Ronald Zweighaft,MD,FAAN

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