Tuesday, December 26, 2006


i wonder what it is that captures the imagination.

today, i took my 16 year old niece to LACMA's retrospective of rene magritte.

it is a fabulous bit of curating.

she said that she enjoyed it, but i think that she was being polite. perhaps the problem is that 16 year old girls at pali high have different priorities. and perhaps i was lucky that she deigned to accompany me to the show.

still, i recall some decades back when an artist friend in boston surrendered to me his ticket to the cezanne retrospective. on the proviso that i take his 4 year old daughter. it was one of the most magical of times....julia was captivated by the art. i was astonished how a 4 year old tuned-in.

if you live in METRO LA, if you are traveling through, make the time to view this show. keep your eyes open. there are some good chuckles that i think many miss.

earlier this year in LA, i caught a show at the hammer that i highly recommend.

SOCIETE ANONYME. i think it is now at the phillips collection in DC. catch it. another curatorial triumph.


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