Saturday, December 16, 2006


some like the big, sea scallops. often identified as diver scallops.

and over the years, i have enjoyed them.

when i think i was one of the pioneers in trading with china back in 1987, in shandong province, i loved the stir-fried, small scallops. in fact, those scallop dishes were the best meals we were offered until we reached sichuan province.

but, it is this time of the year when the sweetest scallops in this hemisphere are available. the nantucket bay scallops. a very limited season. thanksgiving to mid-january.

i like to cook them very simply. marinate them for a few hours in grapeseed oil. fire up the barbie. i recommend hardwood charcoal. put a wok over those coals.

let the coals burn down to dull red. throw the scallops into the wok. stir for 2- 4 minutes. if you have such a grill, pull the wok off the direct heat, throw some soaked mesquite chips onto the hot coals, cover the grill. for about a minute.

then remove the scallops. let them cool for 1-2 minutes. squeeze on the juice from a key lime.

you will never taste better.


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