Sunday, December 10, 2006


i have broken out the pol roger [2005 winston churchill cuvee]. put the "up to your ass in brass" recording of gabrieli's antiphonal celebratory music on the turntable, and celebrate the demise of the gangster general. one fascist bastid down, so many more to go.

i caught some of npr's weekend edition on this sty a few minutes ago. i thought it was a pretty lame obit. so much excised. perhaps you will be so kind as to allow me to fill in some of the gaps in national propaganda radio's coverage of the career of the gangster general.

in a very real sense, the coup, which commenced on 11 September 1973, was the creation of the government of the united states of america. it was energized by the potus, richard nixon, and his minister for international plunder and murder, henry kissinger. the planning for the coup, the management of the coup, was conducted by many branches of the us intell services[cia, nsa, oni]. in a very real sense, the gangster general was just a puppet.

prior to the coup, us agents had been doing to chile exactly what kermit roosevelt had been doing in iran twenty years earlier so as to defenestrate mosadegh.

richard nixon, henry kissinger, in concert with richard helms[dci] decided that they were going to eliminate one of the oldest, most stable constitutional republics in the western hemisphere. a unique republic in latin america. though having a military, since its founding, chile had never experienced a "golpe"[coup/a military junta]. only the usa could impose that darkness on chile.

in essential respects the coupsters were identical to that other group of murderers that nixon, kissinger, and helms created... pol pot and the khmer rouge.

the initial assault of the coupsters was on the broadcasting facilities in chile. closing them down. putting the chileans into darkness. and then there were the harrier jets bombing la moneda, the formal residence of the democratically elected chilean head of state, dr. salvador allende.

before the mass murders in the national stadium, there was the murder of dr. allende. possibly committed by a us citizen, posing as an intermediary. though the "official" story was that dr. allende committed suicide, he was assassinated. if not at the hand of a us citizen, then by an agent of the usa.

following that unnecessary murder, the real bloodlust began at the national stadium. trade unionists, anti-fascists, constitutionalists were murdered in that first wave. though the exact numbers are not solidly known, something on the order of 1,500 - 3,000 were executed in the stadium by the chilean army upon the orders of the junta.

and then began the "caravan of death", where the chilean army and air force traveled throughout the country executing those trade unionists, anti-fascists, that were not in santiago on 11 september 1973[chile's 911, ironically].

though pinochet was not responsible for the assassination of the anti-golpist, consitutionalist general, chilean chief of staff, rene schneider, prior to the coup, i assert that the us intell services were. and that pinochet was well aware of that.

but he was responsible for the 1974 murder of schneider's successor, carlos prats. on his orders, the chilean secret police, DINA, exploded a bomb in the car in which the exiled chilean general and his wife were riding in argentina.

and he was responsible for the DINA's assassination of orlando letelier, allende's minister of defense, on 21 september 1976. in washington, dc. an assassination that also killed a us citizen, ronni moffit, and seriously wounded her husband.

this occurred on the watch of nixon's replacement, gerald ford. and his dci, george herbert walker bush. it was, to the best of my knowledge, the first act of foreign terrorism perpetrated in the usa since the end of ww2.

yet the usg did nothing. no invasion of chile. no warrants for the arrest of the gangster general. based on the usg response, i think that you would have to conclude that the usg concurred with the "hit". were co-conspirators.

throughout his regime, pinochet continued to function as a "hitman" for the usa in latin amerika[aka the southern cone]. he orchestrated a fascist, murder inc - known as operation condor - which had a mission to assassinate trade unionists, constitutionalists, anti-fascists throughout the hemisphere. other nations that were parties to operation condor were bolivia, argentina, paraguay, uruguay, peru. at times brazil may have been a participant. at times, every country in latin amerika may have been a participant.

oh, and operation condor was not a free-lance operation. not a rogue operation. it was run by the usa.

many of the military operatives for this latin amerikan assassination project were students at that infamous ft benning military school. once known as the school of the amerikas. but better understood as the school of the fascist assassins.

i care to close with the final irony when we consider the chilean military after the "golpe".

though the image is that they became "golpists" so as to prevent the imposition of "socialism" in chile, i think that the record would reveal that they were just a bunch of gangsters funded by that larger gangster state in the western hemisphere - the usa.

it has been a long time, so i may have forgotten some things. and i no longer keep up with all the recent developments in chile. if i get some names inaccurately, if things have changed. and you know more than i do, please correct this record.

as some may know, chile has some of the world's largest copper deposits. most of the mines were owned and operated by foreign companies. i think that allende nationalized them. and i recall that pinochet de-nationalized them. but with an interesting proviso....the chilean military retirement fund got a piece of the equity. oh, and the retirement fund proceeds were weighted in such a way that generals got a lot more of that equity than did a private.

sometime back in the late 1980's, when it appeared as if the "golpists" might lose control of chile, they did some pretty nasty bits of economic raping of the country.

one that i particularly liked[NOT] was the destruction of the rio bio-bio. one of the great wild rivers in the world, the "golpists" decided it needed to be dammed so as to produce hydroelectric power. the project was wholly unnecessary, but the major beneficiaries were the pinochetistas.

and then there was carlos cardoen and cardoen enterprises. a pinochet friend who was somehow furnished us cluster bomb designs[larry franklin?]. and then manufactured them in chile. and sold them to those countries to whom the usg professed to be unwilling to sell them. this was during the reagan/bush era.

sold to iraq, of course. but since these were aerial munitions, the major customer was israel. though you didn't see the iaf aerial bombardment of beirut back then, though us-supplied f16's were the carriers, the anti-personnel, indiscriminate murder devices were manufactured by the ordnance manufacturer owned by the chilean military[and who else - carlisle group?].

so much more could be said. but, this is not a history book. nor a final exam. just reflections on a world that i encountered.


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