Sunday, June 04, 2006


i am certain that what i am going to say will put me square in the bullseye of the target that the fascist bastids[reptillians, reptillians] establish.

i recall when i was accepted by the USN for pilot training....pensacola, F4's.

several days later, at a friend's house, i encountered his brother who was on leave from the fleet. he was a RIO.

he congratulated me on my acceptance to become a naval aviator. having much too much to drink, he told me how much i would enjoy blowing away papa-sans, mama-sans, children-sans, buffalo-sans on my missions.

i responded that the murder of non-combatants would not be my mission.

his response, "then you will be court-martialed for failing to follow orders. our orders are always to strafe the indigenous population if we have any munitions left after the conclusion of our primary mission."

i am grateful to the circumstances that prevented me from testing the validity of those orders.

for all practical purposes, if you accept the nuremburg doctrine, all united states of amerika soldiers that served in korea, vietnam, grenada, panama, iraq 1, iraq 2, afghanistan were/are war criminals.

oh, i hear the squealing over this assertion. all the piggies miffed by this accurate
characterization of them as war criminals, gangsters.

for too many, the idea that their child, if an officer, becomes ennobled by this rank is the height of delusion.

officers are just capo regimes in the larger gangster assemblage.

smedley darlington butler, david monroe shoup explained it to you long ago.

why didn't you listen?

you have children in the military. then you have gangsters for children.

there is nothing noble about donning the uniform of this gangster nation.


Blogger Mooser said...

Ho-kay, albertchampion! With that post you've made yourself a devoted reader!
While my family has gloriously avoided service in every one of America's wars, I live amoung armed service personnel, many officers.
They're not too noble.

2:20 PM  

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