Saturday, May 27, 2006


i have not been an operaphile for many years.

some weeks back, however, i think the met performed this opera by camille st saens. i was overwhelmed by the majesty, the beauty of the music.

i went looking for a cd of the work. found it, today. an EMI CLASSICS reissue. fabulous.

listening to it, i was moved to consider st saens.

there is this great pianist, stephen hough, who performed his complete works for piano and orchestra. a hyperion set. a benchmark.

and then i was taken back to my college years in cambridge. when e power biggs was the master of the organ at the busch-reisinger.

i don't know if the performance is still available, but his version of the st saens organ symphony was a killer.

camille st saens. all too often forgotten. a composer creating great listening pleasure.

tune in.


Blogger Mooser said...

As far as recordings of Bach organ works go, and they go a long way, the old Arkiv recordings of Karl Richter are the best. Fabulous clarity combined with awesome power, made on a new, Baroque construction organ.

2:26 PM  

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