Monday, May 01, 2006


after they seized him, and spirited him off to the villa grimaldi, they broke his fingers.

so that he could never play his guitar again.

still, victor could sing. and sing he continued to do. for that singing, the amerikan surrogates killed him.

do you know the singing of victor jara? his anti-fascism?

do you know how the nixon/kissinger regime killed freedom in chile?

if you viewed MISSING, did you understand it?

do you forget the date of that amerikan-engineered coup?

if you do, let me remind you, 11/09/73.

do you know of the war profiteer, carlos cardoen? the man who functioned as a cut-out for the usa. manufacturing the cluster bombs that the usa would not sell.

to the israelis for instance. do you recall the images of amerikan-supplied f16's dropping cardoen-manufactured cluster bombs on beirut? probably not. those images were never aired in the usa.

or how about the cardoen cluster bombs being sold to iran, iraq.

or better still, suharto's indonesia. deployed in east timor, kalimantan, sumatra.

warm and fuzzy, now?

still a supporter of this evil empire?


Blogger jessica said...

why don't you post a picture of victor jara?
if you were to choose, you would rather be:
a. taxicab
b. anything
c. pinoy
d. a movie
e. a rumor

11:52 PM  
Blogger albertchampion said...

you know, somewhere in my library warehouse i have pix of victor. before the coup.

and i recall that somehow i acquired pix of victor after the coup.

and i don't want to look at them again.

they will remain buried.

perhaps upon my demise someone else can unearth them, view them without vomiting, and publish them.

10:48 PM  

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