Tuesday, April 25, 2006


so they wish to tarnish the real patriots, do they.

i hear that the reptillians[and too many demtillians] are willing to denounce tony zinni. a 4-star marine. he knows the gyrations of the civilian leadership - the gyrations to create war, the killing of young marines.

it is an old story.

one told decades ago by maj gen smedley darlington butler[usmc, last of the two time medal of honor winners]. WAR IS A RACKET.

his rendition of amerikan imperialism deprived him of the honor that he deserved, commandant. herbert hoover denied him that honor because of his opposition to the amerikan cossacks[led by dugout doug] being called out to oust the bonus marchers.

in addition to butler, my hero was david monroe shoup. medal of honor as a colonel at tarawa[betio island]. a member of jfk's jcs. an opponent of fomoco's urge to go to war in seasia. after the "hit", lbj tried to get shoup to re-up[unprecedented at the time] as commandant. to have done so would have indicated that shoup agreed with the invasion of vietnam.

shoup didn't agree with that program. he retired.

and spent many years of his retirement opposing the invasion of vietnam. and died in ignominy.

some like to think that the nyt, the wapo have only recently become latter day die sturmers. that would be incorrect.

streicher runs those journals.

i miss you david shoup. you were the last of the members of the jcs that told the truth.


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