Monday, April 17, 2006


i think it sad.

when banishment occurs, i think the banisher owes the banished an explanation. and should announce the banishment to its audience.

though israelites made many efforts to describe me as an anti-semite, i always stood my ground. an anti-israeli i am. an anti-semite i am not.

i asked that little small d democrat markos why i was erased from his site. after years of posting. no answer. his webmaster told me the story.

doesn't give me a warm and fuzzy feeling about democraps.

so, i moved my involvement to atrios. once again, many efforts made to describe me as an anti-semite. for years duncan repudiated those zionists who wanted me banned for my posture concerning israel.

and then i became an enemy of rohrschach[sic] [ i called him roarshit] who decided not to like my posts concerning haiti.

within hours, i was banned. as if i were a troll.

what is really shitty is that duncan refuses to answer me as to why.

and that is the problem with the left. as censorious as the right. in fact, worse.

though an anti-fascist for many years, i have discerned that the atrios, kos blog sites are not anti-fascist. they are fascist sites looking for a victory. ? uber alles.

what is it about haiti?

years ago i concluded that the usa worked to destroy haiti because haiti was its black equal. rascist amerika did not want that to be recognized.

let us recall how amerika became amerika.

there was this crazy bastid by the name of napoleon bonaparte. he owned haiti.

and then there was this black george washington, toussaint l'ouverture. who orchestrated a slave revolt. imagine, a black insurrection. and l'ouverture and his slaves defeated a napoleonic army of more than 20,000.

this is what caused napoleon's sale to jefferson of the louisiana territories.

yet, in this evil empire, this story of a black insurrection is ignored. in fact, the usa has been energetic in killing the inheritors of that triumph for decades.

i think of ike and his creation of duvalier.

all the whiteys have worked assiduously to kill the story of l'ouverture.

it is as if no one is to know that black men and women were as successful at defeating the ancien regimes as the white men and women of the north amerikan continent.


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