Thursday, April 13, 2006


i have probably decided to enter into this blogventure because i have been banned from blogging communities that i posted on for years.

i learned that steve gilliard erased me from dailykos because i went after him for some of his nonsense. that access was granted him by markos. a very censorious fellow, apparently.

some weeks ago, i discovered that eschaton had banned me. for reasons undisclosed. though i was never a troll, there were more than a few who likened my critiques of sharon's israel as being anti-semitic. perhaps the b'nai b'rith lobby finally was able to jump my bones. and duncan black kowtowed.

on the other hand, perhaps my banishment was the result of my criticism of john aravosis - who wrote a strange[and unseemly] paean to cap weinberger upon the occasion of cap's demise.

or perhaps it had something to do with my attempts to air the amerikan, canadian, french, brazilian, chilean crimes in haiti. there was this guy, who i call roarshit, who became all outraged because i introduced this topic on an open thread.

who knows the reason[s]. duncan ain't responding to my emails. sadly, he hasn't enough backbone to answer me. so it goes.

i shall close with the story that the left hates to consider - HAITI.

why are we committing crimes every bit the equivalent of the crimes of the sudanese janjaweed in this western half of hispaniola?

and why is it that these crimes cannot be aired?

sudan can get ink. haiti is a crime unaired. for what reason[s].?

why are france, canada, usa, brazil, chile engaged in a genocidal war on haiti?


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