Monday, April 17, 2006


so, it would seem to be the case that the patsy, moussaoui, became deranged since his incarceration.

i am not a student of the conditions of his incarceration, but i have to wonder if those conditions were designed to drive him crazy.

for instance.....

were the lights on all the time?

was the cell so small that he couldn't stand?

was he deprived of excursions into the fresh air, into daylight?

was he deprived of all human interaction?

in other words, was his captivity designed to so destroy him that he would do, say anything, so as to end his torturous incarceration?

if this was his situation in captivity, then his defense lawyers, failing to introduce that, would seem to have been functioning as surrogates for the prosecution.

i understand why moussaoui would do anything to gain release from the torturings of the stalinist bushit regime. not to be executed would be to be the man in the iron mask for the rest of his years.

in a following essay, i think i shall discuss my intersections with usa-sanctioned torture. previously, even brief disquisitions gained me banishment at dailykos and atrios. even the amerikan left ain't anti-fascist. but you know that, don't you?

just consider bill and hillary.

so it goes.

basta yo!


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