Saturday, April 22, 2006


it has been a long time that i listened to anything other than jass.

i suppose that for reasons having something to do with the bushit impulse for destroying the planet, i have resurrected my interest in more classical forms of music.

the first bit that recaptured my interest was mozart's final piece, the requiem mass. though now banned from eschaton, and probably as erased as kos expunged me, i care for you to recall my proposition that sussmayr had nothing to do with its composition. listen to it after listening to the mass in c minor, k.427 and the clarinet concerto in a, k.622.

amazingly sublime.

and then there was this encounter with a french bit of sony reissues of george szell and the cso and the beethoven symphonies. and the piano concertos with leon fleisher. in the mid-1950's - late 1960's fleisher was arguably the best pianist in north america. i have always considered his recording of the brahms piano quintet with the juilliard the finest version of this fiery bit of chamber music.

and so, i have turned away from jass for a while. to rediscover the other bits of music that so captured me long ago.

garrick ohlsson and his concentration on all of chopin's works.

alfred brendel and his recordings of the beethoven piano sonatas.

maria joao pires and her recordings of the schubert impromptus.

and opera. some weeks ago, i caught the met doing st. saens' samson et delilah. what great music.

and yesterday, the met did mozart's marriage of figaro. i have never heard of any of the principals before. but it was a splendid, strong performance.

for reasons inexplicable, i decided to spin wagner's tristan/isolde tonight. placido domingo as tristan. a performance at the royal opera house in covent garden. and so fine.

we're lost as a country, you know. i suppose that it why i am seeking this solace in great, majestic, heart-rending music.

the lunacy of george walker bush is not uniquely his madness. neither is it the lunacy of the republican party.

all the occupants of the asylum are to blame. and of course, that means that the demtillians are no more interested in reversing this slide down the razor blade[as tom lehrer styled it] than are the reptillians.

it has ever been thus, i think. very few individuals in the congress with intellectual honesty, moral courage.

in my youth, only wayne morse, ernest gruening. today, in my advancing dotage, only dr ron paul.

and even dr paul is scared to discuss the reality of aipac and the bribing of the congress.

let us understand how it works....israel is a money launderer. egypt is probably one, too.

it works this way...the us congress funnels lots of money to these countries[the govts of which would not survice without amerikan largesse]...they are, i think, the largest recipients of amerikan financial assistance.

then israel/egypt return some percentage of this largesse to the members of the usg. that is what has allowed this alliance to continue for so many decades.

if you talk about this system of graft and extortion, of course, you are an anti-semite.

that characterization silences most opponents of the zionists.

certainly it destroys their access to the public proscenium.

i recall what my opposition to the zionists provoked at eschaton. perhaps that is what eventually caused my banishment.

i shall reiterate what i never retracted...the israeli govt and its idf[the jewish ss] has been engaged in a genocidal war for over 50 years. and the zionist mafia that controls the amerikan media will do anything to kill that sty.

as lyndon would say, the zionists have all pols' peckers in their pocket - they own 'em.

amerikan pols jump to the mossad squeeze. they have to. because they have been recipients of mossad money launderings. because they have been subjects of mossad honey traps.

no one wants to discuss it. but i shall. the mossad has been capturing amerikan congresspersons just as if they were the kgb.

i could say so much more. but would you listen?


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