Tuesday, April 18, 2006


long ago and far away, i had this girlfriend.

her dad was a frenchman. enlisted by patton as a part of his g2. he may have been responsible for the breakout through the bocage.

after that war, he went to work for the united nations.

some of you may know graham greene's novel THE COMEDIANS.

it was a story about haiti. duvalier's haiti. the terror state. the era of the tonton macoutes. my girlfriend's family were featured in the novel. anonymously.

these days, i think that few know that history of the usa and haiti.

it was never easy in haiti. the usa was always energizing the suppression of the haitian populace.

and that pogrom has always been pursued without scrutiny. why?

ike creating, financing duvalier. kennedy continuing the duvalier pogrom.

lbj, rmn, gf, jec, rr, ghwb, wjc, gwb all continuing the pogrom of killing haitians.

in our backfuckingyard, folks.

who can tell me why? who can explain this homicidal lunacy?

who can tell me why the canadians joined in?

under that purportedly leftist gov of paul martin.

let us consider the windward passage for a moment. gitmo is on the western side of that alfred thayer mahan choke point. if fidel is such an enemy, why does he allow that us base to continue to exist[as it has since his insurrection in 1959]?

pondering on that strategic bit of real estate, you might almost think that fidel was our stooge. he is, you know.

on the eastern flank of the windward passage is haiti. do we continue to think that we need to control this bit of water? and do we need to control it?

the mahanists would assert that we need to control certain choke points in the hemisphere. the florida straits. the windward passage.

grenada.puerto rico.

on the other hand, we seem to have had no reluctance to give the control of the panama canal to the prc.

but i conclude this way, in haiti, for decades, the usof amerika has energized genocide. a story that goes undiscussed. unexamined. by all complexions of fascists: reptillians, demtillians.

and the amerikan electorate appears to countenance that pogrom.

why? what is it about haiti that causes the usof amerika to foment the mass murdering of haitians? and what is it that causes purported amerikan peaceniks to ignore those crimes, that pogrom?

what is the story, here?


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