Wednesday, April 19, 2006


i would like to go back and restore some of my posts concerning yellowcake.

concerning the invasion of iraq.

having been banned, i would like for the accuracy of my analyses to be remembered. well-regarded.

but, that is probably wishful thinking.

i have identified myself as a forensic metallurgist. actually, i am much more than that.

let's just say that i am a manufacturer. using specialty grades of steel. nickel. gold. palladium. platinum. copper. alumina.

do you have any understanding as to what is happening with the prices of these raw materials? what will continue to be happening?

do you understand how your world is going to be going upside down within weeks.

how you will become impoverished?

i have prepared. yet i am terrified. the usa seems not to have a clue.

why is that? i think it is because the fascist press refrains from telling the truth so as to make the gangster know-nothing president continue to look good.

i find it astonishing that journals that purport to be analytical, the wall street journal, the financial times, whistle in the dark - avoid reporting reality.

doesn't that give you a warm and fuzzy feeling. the financial press being pr handouts for the most ignorant, the most corrupt presidency since the years of lyndon johnson.


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