Sunday, April 30, 2006


this is the one that did it....

at least after calling rohrschac roarshit and posting this, i became banished. makes me wonder, is rohrshac a nom de plume for duncan black. so it goes!

i always like those canadians that hide canadian realities.

tell me please, why did canada join with france and the usa to effect a coup in haiti? removing jean bertrand aristide.

why did canada join with the usa,france, brazil, and chile i think, to energize death squads so as to eliminate the anti-letorteau[sic] aristidists?

why has it been that the canadian govt[supposedly leftist] has harbored letorteau[sic]in ottawa since the election of the aristidist, preval?

you canadians like to promote the idea that you are somehow independent of the evil empire. but, i keep finding you acting as amerikan lackeys..running dogs.

i think of somalia.

of afghanistan.

and of haiti, of course. what is it about haiti that provokes canada to join the usa in killing that country? of being a janjaweed in the western hemisphere?

you purport to be some king of anti-statist, some kind of anti-bushit.

so, tell us, why is it that canada joins in with the bushit to murder haitians, murder afghanis.

more to the point, tell us why the canadian intell services participate in echelon. why the canadian police state enlisted to join the cia with ewen cameron in montreal doing his usa-financed psychic-driving experiments on unwitting citizens of the usa.

and tell us, please, how the canadian sas has been invested into iran. for months the canadian sas has had its subalterns in the northeast of iran. why?

yet, i read you as if canada is the holiest of countries. how much compensation do you receive from the canadian govt?


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