Saturday, May 13, 2006



engaging in deceptive trade practices?

i sure think so.

last weekend, i had some border coupons. ordinarily, i use them to acquire classical cd box sets. but i had one left over, and encountering a book in the history section, the cuba project, i bought it using one of my 20% discount coupons.

when i returned home, i noticed that the pricing barcode was a pressure sensitive label. and it established the price for the book at $29.95. with the dscount coupon, that made my price approximately $24.00.


using my trusty penknife, the one that the reptillians/demtillians will not allow me have on my person or in my carry-on while flying, i removed the borders pricing label. how interesting, the publisher's price for the book appeared to be $24.95.

just for the fun of it, i accessed amazon. amazon noted the list price for this book at $24.95. and they would sell it to me for $15.72. sans sales tax. and because of my prime membership, they would ship it to me ups 2nd day for free.

i returned the book to borders.

after i made that return, i examined other books at that store. seems that borders covers up the publishers' cover-printed barcodes and pricing on everything. and elevates the publisher's list prices.

i strongly recommend that you discontinue shopping at borders for books. unless you care to monkey-wrench the system and remove the border's barcode label prior to your check-out.

still, amazon will beat their prices.

i own no stock in amazon. i am just a bibliophile who hates to be ripped off.

forewarned is forearmed.


Blogger dequincey said...

It took three tries, but I registered with blogger just to tell you that I 'preciate what you write. I quit the circle jerk at eschaton long before you were banished from that fairyland. Dailykos is just as bad. They seem to believe whatever they see on the TV. Anyway, you have at least one reader.

8:42 AM  

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