Friday, May 05, 2006


modern cell phones.

what a bunch of junk.

i acquired a motorola razr v3 today. as part of an exercise to replace the drop-prone sprint and the 201 vintage, top of the line sprint samsung, which now does glitches unpredictably.

i shall return the motorola bit of junk tomorrow. very unergonomic. no volume. now i have a better understanding of why drivers slow down when on their cellphones - the call is not audible at cruising speed. i find that this phone is not audible at rest.

perhaps the one i was sold is just defective, but i don't think so. i think it is an exemplar of the trend of devolution.

it is a technological trend. for example, i have been owning/driving daimler-benz products since 1973. my fave was a 1986 560sel. a refrigerator of an automobile.
it replaced a 1976 450sel.

i acquired both of them new. loved 'em. straightforward mechanically. very little electronic nonsense.

as old blue was up on 250,000 miles, i ordered the 2000 s500. it arrived. i refused to accept it. principally because of the lcd command system.

i decided to find low mileage pre-electronification benzes. i have acquired some nice ones. all more reliable than the post-2000 models. and much better looking in my view.

and don't even get me started on audiophile cd players.

sell motorola short.


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