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but AL KAIDA is a fiction. a nonentity that the bushits created to stir up fear among the populace. so as to stampede them into exhuming joe stalin and lavrenti beria and enthroning those totalitarian gangsters as the chief management officers of the united states of amerika.

i have said this before. and been banished from purportedly progressive boards for saying it. might make one wonder if certain boards aren't pseudopods of the secret state.

why do i introduce this vision again? and why today?

well, i attended the OFFSHORE TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE in Houston.

driving in from montgomery county, my driver used the hardy toll road. this toll road runs alongside the mopac trackage. i have mentioned it before. i care to mention it again. what kind of rail cars were idling in the roadbed? and what were the contents?

chemical cars, mostly. with these contents: lpg, gasoline, anhyrous ammonia, molten sulfer, butadience., toluene. you name the hazardous chemical, the combustible chemical, there it was - sitting in the middle of the 4th largest city in the united states.

if there were any terrorists, they could drive down this highway with as weak-sister a weapon as an AR15, hole all these tank cars, and exterminate virtually all the citizens of houston. and this could be done in every urban area all over the usa.

you hear about port security. what about railway security? quite candidly, if there was really a terrorist threat, then all railways should be secured when these chemical freights move on them.

and then, of course, there are the natural gas and products pipelines. exquisitely vulnerable. so many citizens of the usa have such little understanding of the fragility of the infrastructure. that these fragile energy delivery assets go so unsecured tells me that the state knows that there is no terrorism other than the terrorism that it perpetrates.

arriving at reliant center for the OTC conference, i was carrying a briefcase containing some electrical components. components that if viewed by x-ray would have caused me to be taken into a room for more scrutiny. this exhibition hall there were the managers, the suppliers of the world's energy industry. AND THERE WAS NO SCRUTINY OF ATTENDEES.

i had expected security similar to what is imposed on airline passengers. NADA!.

this is the eureka moment. when it is finally confirmed that there are no terrorists. that 11/09/01 had no terrorist actors. that it was all state-operated.

because, just consider. anyone could have entered that hall, with a case full of explosives, and exterminated the entirety of attendees...virtually eliminating all the individuals who make oil & gas production happen globally.

my guess is that security was as nonexistent at last years powergen show in las vegas.

no, amigos, when you think on it all, the events of 11/09/01 were a usa falseflag operation. agent provocateur ops. if they were real terrorist actions, chemical trains would have been suspended. trade shows involving the hydrocarbon industry would have imposed a level of security similar to that imposed on airline passengers.

we have been gulled. get our your firebrands. sharpen your scythes. it is time to march on the center of repression. of evil. it is an anti-state known as the district of columbia.

sic semper tyrannis.


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