Thursday, June 01, 2006

fudging the ORDER OF BATTLE

i have written about this on many occasions at eschaton. possibly elsewhere.

it is the ignored reality in these bushit invasions of afghanistan, iraq.

the same deliberate error of miscounting the opposing forces in prior united states of amerika invasions[korea, laos, vietnam, cambodia]. the kind of miscounting that caused a platoon of usa troops to contest the field against a company.

the kind of miscounting that hid from the citizens of the usa how massive was the indigenous opposition to the usa invaders.

in the vietnam era, the miscounters were the entirety of the presidential and military establishment.

the salient record of that deliberate miscounting was sam adams' memoir, WAR OF NUMBERS, ISBN #188364223X, PUBLISHED IN 1994 BY COL. DAVID HACKWORTH.

in iraq, the bushit in chief and his lackeys, dick'em and rumsoaked, have been doing it the same way. deja vue all over again. and for the same reasons. no looting of the treasury is facilitated better than when a "war" is on. especially a congressionally undeclared war.

by the way, the congress likes it this way, too. since they get to be georgie porgie's guests at the feast, pulling plums out of the pie, all the while keeping their warmongering off the official vote charts. it is an old game. played by all the gangster presidents and their gangster congresses.

i thought to mention this topic again tonight because i picked up a new book about sam adams and his order of battle fight with lbj, mac, and westy. and dick helms... the cia that trimmed the truth to suit the president way back when.

the new history is entitled WHO THE HELL ARE WE FIGHTING?

i think that col. hackworth[rip] was responsible for this new story of how the state grinds up its troops for the enrichment of presidential level politicians and courtiers. it was also published by the steerforth press.

isbn #1586421042

in closing, the story should cause you to place the overlay of this history on the bushit invasions of afghanistan, iraq.

this middle eastern, west asian homicidal foolishness of ours is the same story. with the press as derelict, as asshole-licking as they were in that era.

and it was telegraphed to you that this lbj-level of hubris was the program when georgette donned the open-road stetson, the boots, and acquired the ranchette. lbj was the model.

that of course is why the wapo hoisted him, supports him. it is the same crime that donny's dad committed decades ago. never forget, it was phil graham, the schizophrenic maniac, who virtually forced lbj onto the jfk card.

the wapo has a long history of lionizing homicidal, manic depressive, alcoholic presidents. but at least lbj preferred girls, according to bob caro. on the other hand, there are stories that lbj was really a switch hitter...he always had walter jenkins for relief[if you get my drift]. and he sure had this thing for edgar.

scythes and pitchforks, mes amis.

the monsters, the money-changers, must be driven from the temple.

sic semper tyrannis


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