Friday, June 09, 2006


i drove a toyota priapus the other day.

what a joke of an automobile.

the uncognescenti are buying them because they believe the cant concerning their purportedly beneficial nature.

quite candidly, these hybrid vehicles are a scam.

the prius is scam enough. but toyota's hybrid suv is the most egregious scam.

it doesn't even exceed the non-hybrid version's fuel economy. in fact, i think that the record will reveal that the non-hybrid variant outperforms the hybrid.

once again, if you want proof that the populace is ignorant, the acquisition of hybrid vehicles confirms the brain damage.

i care to note that the premium paid for the hybrid variants of these vehicles cannot be recaptured unless the cost of gasoline exceeds $5.00/gallon. might happen. but quite unlikely in the near term[next decade].

the most unfortunate aspect of these vehicles is that they are not configured so as to operate solely as electric vehicles. this is a grand bit of foolishness.

now, there are some entities out there that would convert these hybrids to operate on batteries only. unfortunately, both toyota, honda, ford will repudiate your warranty if you make that conversion.

this should tell you that the auto mfgers are still beholden to the oil industry.

the best thing that could ever happen would be for these hybrids to be able to operate as electrics. i view them this carts with rear view mirrors. you know, if i didn't have to travel beyond my residence-office-residence i could use only the battery. for most of my driving, the golf cart mode would suffice.

lamentably, none of the hybrid manufacturers care to offer a vehicle that allows for battery only operation. why?

in closing, the disposal of the battery needs to be discussed. who is responsible for the disposal for that bit of toxic waste? you, the owner of the battery pack? or toyota, honda, ford?

this is an extremely important issue that rarely gets discussed. the disposal of lead-acid batteries is an epa event.

when you acquire one of these hybrids, are you prepared for your lifelong ownership of the battery?

all ears,


Blogger Doug said...

AC, so what new cars have high MPG and are not crap? The MiniCooper looks great till you discover that it needs super gas to run. The VW-TDI models also have good gas milage, but diesel is high here and in some other parts of the country. It's .20 more than regular.

10:50 PM  
Blogger pseudonymous in NC said...

One-third of new cars in Europe have diesel engines, but diesel is a dirty fuel for big rigs in the US. It's not gone consumer. GM and Ford make small, high-efficiency vehicles for Europeans and Latin Americans. Not for home consumption.

The Japanese aren't stupid: Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris, Nissan Versa. And they're big compared to some in the home market. I'm guessing the dealers can't keep them on the lots. And the Ford Ka and GM Corsa stay abroad.

The hybrid, to me, is like the hard-drive music player. Built to create a market that will eventually (one hopes) make the technology obsolete and pile up in the landfills.

So glad to see you posting, AC, somewhere that's easy to bookmark.

10:22 PM  
Blogger Mooser said...

Thanks albertchampion! Hybrids are a hoax!
But of course, we can't have any solutions to a problem which involve making things smaller, slower or simpler. Those wouldn't be real solutions.

2:16 PM  
Blogger jelloca said...

i'm waiting to see who killed the electric car. freespeechtv (on dish network) has been airing portions of it in the middle of their annual fund drive. one guy is taking old cars (no worries about warranties) and converting them to electric. would take them out to race tracks and outperform conventional cars in speed and power. claims anybody with even a hint of mechanical ability could do the conversions.

all i know is i'm sick and tired of cutting edge technology habitually getting shelved and denied to us. how many decades of progress has been stolen from us? how much more asthma, cancers and god knows what other health consequences are we punished with just to appease Wealth? on top of the environmental ravages we are inflicting because we're held hostage to pertrol.

2:55 AM  
Blogger albertchampion said...

just picking up on this after many months.

as i said some time ago, my imperatives recently have been to so transform my manufacturing facility as to triple its throughput. this has kept me off the net.

33 years ago, i owned one of the most fuel efficient cars on this planet. a lotus europa twin-cam. it weighed approximately 2,000lbs. it was powered by a 100hp 4 cylinder engine.

i acquired it in 1972. and stopped driving it in 1976 when i was hit three times in one day by folks who said that they never saw me. the car was only 37" high.

i put 30,000 miles on it. which is regarded as very high for a lotus europa in amerika. i drove it virtually every day. it liked high octane gasoline. but it routinely delivered 30-40mpg.

and it was corvette killer in the twisty bits.

i finally sold it. it was unsuitable for houston traffic.

i wish that i had mothballed it instead. so that i could bring it back out. no sports cars that i have driven recently equal it.

i have to say that don't know too much about vehicles of recent vintage. i opted out six years ago. i didn't like all the computerized nonsense.

so, i shall go to my grave driving my old benzes. from my 1979 6.9, my 1986 560sel, sec, 1995 e320cab, my 1997 s500c.

i have written much about vehicle policy. no one listens. colin chapman, before he decided to become a crook, saw the picture.

but very few liked what he saw.

but there will be coming a time when his vision will prevail.

12:34 AM  

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