Friday, December 08, 2006


a sad end to a music lover's browsing paradise.

an unfortunate death.

killed by the pricing policies of the recorded music industry.

and steve jobs.

ishitunes never captured my imagination.

i was a browser. and tower was a browser's delight. i think on its classical store on the south side of sunset in hollywood fondly. as i listen to this great collection of pablo casals that i stumbled into there.

and then there was the killer jass that i stumbled into. the best stuff was these french recordings...masters of jazz...charlie christian, charlie parker, wardell gray, louis armstrong, duke ellington, prez, stan getz, bix, benny carter. fabulous cd's that were transcriptions of private collectors' LP collections.

i was one of the lucky ones. i discovered these recordings early enough to acquire all of them that were available. it still saddens me that masters of jazz stopped its wardell gray retrospective before reissuing the totality of some maven's collection.

little known, but one of the great tenor sax adepts of the post ww2 era.

apple and amazon. killers of browsing.

i think on the women that i have noticed at dutton's in brentwood, writing down isbn #'s[i am sure that men do this as well, i have just never noticed them doing it as ostentatiously]. and i am sure that they go home and order the books from amazon.

the brave new world.

so it goes, unfortunately.

mortituri te salutamus.


Blogger BeBop said...

<...masters of jazz stopped its wardell gray retrospective before reissuing the totality of some maven's collection.>

A landmark! That's the closest I've come to being called a maven. I'd been working with my friend Coover Gazdar to ensure that what Masters of Jazz put out was, in fact, complete. Coover, who has since sadly passed, was the main "maven". What he'd have thought of this, I'm not sure.

7:13 AM  
Blogger albertchampion said...

i don't know if you think i am insulting you.

i am not.

these wardell gray bits are stellar.

and i hated it when the moj series went south.

stuff that i didn't know in my youth.

but sure enjoy in my dotage.

any chance for issuing the rest of this collection?

bebop,i wasn't trying to be insulting. but i think that you know that.

10:25 PM  

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