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who could that woman be?

the newly elected president of Chile - Michelle Bachelet.

consider, this woman is visiting DC and a president who is as much a fascist as those puppeteers in the USG who caused the murder of her father.

ponder on that for a moment. her father, a general in the Chilean air force, who opposed the 11 September 1973 coup[initiated, facilitated by the USG using the ONI, principally, but all the other intell assets, CIA, of this evil empire]. her father, an individual [not unlike general carlos prats, general rene schneider who believed in the defense of that consitutional republic, one of the oldest in the hemisphere] seized by the american-orchestrated junta, then executed.

even more reprehensible is that she comes to "make nice" to the resident whose father, as DCI, was responsible for the first real terrorist action in the USA. surely, you know the story... orlando letelier, before the USA-orchestrated coup, was the chilean defense minister, foreign minister, ambassador to the USA.

after the USA-instigated coup, letelier is tortured then incarcerated on the concentration camp on dawson island. eventually, he is released into exile. he is granted sanctuary in the USA, but is kept under close surveillance.

he decides to do all he can to defeat the junta. and he does that under the umbrella of the institute for policy studies.

some days prior to 26 september 1976, agents of the chilean secret police/intell services[DINA] are allowed into the USA.


one of these agents is a citizen of the USA, michael townley. there are many of us who believe that he was seconded to the DINA by the US INTELL SERVICE.

perhaps you know how this story ends....townley and his associates[cubans by the way, with long association with the bush family] plant a remote control bomb under the vehicle being used by letelier and his associates, US citizens.

the chevelle was driving along embassy row. passing the chilean embassy, entering sheridan circle, the bomb was detonated, from within the embassy.

orlando letelier was assassinated. ronni moffitt[a US citizen was assassinated]. her husband, michael, survived.

following this act of state-sanctioned murder[terrorism] the USG went way out of its way not to pursue the perps. clearly the "hit" was approved at the highest levels of the US INTELL SERVICES, AT THE LEVEL OF THE POTUS.

so, tell me, what is this woman thinking about by coming to the USA to genuflect to the son of her father's murderer. the son of the murderer of her father's friend.

phil wylie would be labeling her a viper. does anyone disagree? if so, tell us why you disagree.


Blogger jelloca said...

just supposition, but i'm guessing she's trying to win favorable trade
policies for her country. bet a "your people killed my father, you owe me" guilt-inducing gaze is good for something.

i've seen a couple of her interviews. she sounds like a tough cookie.

can you imagine the leverage she has? "co-operate, or i'll go the media and air my grievances. remind everybody how your government killed my father." all this could be implied without saying a word. old people like poppy are prone to the conceit of not wanting anything to taint their PR image.

of course, she can rant and rave and demand personal justice, but that would be selfish when she could get so much more by merely being an uncomfortable irritant.

2:38 AM  
Blogger albertchampion said...

absolutely ridiculous, yelloca.

chile already has a favored nation trade arrangement with this evil empire.

there is no ass-kissing that she needs to perform.

and if you want, i shall be more than pleased to discuss the clusterbomb manufacturing arrangements that we have with chile.

i am propelled to ask this question: how much did michelle love her father? did she think he was wrong to oppose the pinochet coup?

or do the pinochetistas still control chilean politics?

9:52 PM  
Blogger jelloca said...

has honeywell outsourced to chile? i wasn't aware of that.

1:14 AM  
Blogger jelloca said...

first of all, you're assuming she stooped to asskissing. where is evidence of that?

true, the people in power are assholes who think nothing of slash and burn tactics, but they are not above offering the token gesture to smooth the waters. note how max cleland got raked over the coals. but after getting booted out of the senate, bush offered cleland a posh, well paying assignment on some trade board.

i didn't endorse cleland taking the assignment because i suspect it was offered not only to shut cleland up not only for getting smeared, but for raising 9/11 questions, which he was doing at the time, but then stopped after getting the assignment. i mention this because i suspect bachelet gets the same treatment and is being treated with kid gloves. the asskissing isnt coming from her, just the opposite. like i said, she has a degree of leverage.

1:28 AM  
Blogger albertchampion said...

i think you are mixed up.

the usg was responsible for the murder of her father. her father's friend.

michelle should be as conversant about the devil as hugo.

the cluster bomb designs and materials were transferred to a company in which the gangster general had some interest. it was run by a carlos cardoen.the company was known as cardoen enterprises.

this occurred during the first months of the reagan regime. the transfer was arranged by this veep: george herbert walker bush.

cardoen was a cut-out. his manufacture of usdod-designed cluster bombs were then sold to israel. in 1983 when the iaf was bombarding beirut and its evirons, it was using cardoen-supplied munitions.

honeywell was nowhere in that conduit of armaments trafficking.

11:53 PM  
Blogger jelloca said...

cardoen, i wasnt aware of.

but honeywell did make these kinds of weapons. their clusterbomb wing later morphed into Alliant Tech.

their bombs were also used by israel.

i first became aware of honeywell after watching this program:

6:53 AM  
Blogger albertchampion said...

yes, i can understand how you don't know cardoen enterprises. didn't get a lot of play in the usa.

however, in the european press, it did.

matrix-churchill didn't get much ink in the usa, either.

cardoen was our cut-out for cluster bomb munitions. virtually all those used by iraq in the iraq-iran war, israel in the aerial assault on beirut, were supplied by cardoen.

9:03 PM  

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