Tuesday, October 24, 2006


as i said months ago, i have other, more important missions. principally, tripling the throughput of my factory in such a fashion that i can reduce that production capacity if the economy goes south.

tuning in tonight for the first time in months, i did notice that a few have cared to read what i have had to say. thnx.

but, as you might have guessed, whatever i post here may be self-indulgent.

still, sometimes you might find some truths here.



Blogger albertchampion said...


for the last several months, i have started my evening, the reading of the nyt, the wsj, the prorev, the cafe metropole, the daily howler by playing chopin's sonato #2 in B-flat, opus 35.

this is often identified as the funeral sonata. and i play it as an accompaniment to the record of the death throes of this formerly constitutional republic. murdered by the electorate's ignorance; the politicians' corruption; the state-sanctioned genocide that is iraq, afghanistan; the jewish/zionist traitors who have seized the levers of control of this republic in the pursuit of their zionist goals.

the most troubling aspect of this homicide is how the daggers have been wielded by demtillians as well as the reptillians.

et tu brute.

there are some who are so deluded as to think that if the demtillians just win the congress, this murdering of this republic can be arrested.

what are they smoking? and where can i get some?

let us never forget, before there was the false flag op that brought down the tripod, [wtc 1,2,7], there was the false flag op that brought down the murrah building[okbomb].

now some purportedly progressives opposed and now lament the passage of the patriot act. as if it was a singularly reptillian bit of legislative repression.

and these same individuals applaud william jefferson clinton as the bastion of liberty.

but it must not be forgotten that the patriot act was virtually identical to the omnibus crime bill that william jefferson clinton pushed through the congress in the immediate aftermath of okbomb. just as the patriot act was passed in the aftermath of a false flag operation, so was its precursor. similarly, clinton's legislation was passed without any hearings, with no congressional gangster having read it.

and that is why i play chopin's marche funebre every night at 18:30hrs.

some would have you believe that the demtillians are caring to reverse the tyrannophiles that seized the usa 26 years ago. i just don't see it that way.

the only thing the demtillians want is to have first dibs on burying their muzzles in the troughs of corruption, power.

but i could be wrong. history, however, says that i am accurate.

sic semper tyrannis.

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