Thursday, December 21, 2006

IAH-LAX: 20/12/06

there are these individuals that continue to assert that on 11/09/01 cell phone calls could have occurred from the airliners.

and even more astonishing, that lengthy conversations occurred.

these conversations could not have occurred in 2001.

they could not occur today, in 2006.

once again, i thought that i would conduct an investigation into the capabilities of cell phones in airliners. i have done this many times over the last 5 years, but since the disinformation agents are infiltrating purportedly "anti-fascist" blogs[eschaton, for instance], and since i was flying from IAH - LAX today, i thought i would violate the strictures concerning cellphones[once again] and keep mine on for the entirety of the that i could monitor connectivity[handshaking] from an airliner moving at cruising speeds at altitude along a route of travel with lots of cell towers.

i departed IAH on a 737-900. i had a window seat way up front, 2A. best position imaginable for cell connection and audibility.

launched at 13:30 cst. had a connection at launch.

within 5 minutes of climb-out, signal lost. and signal stayed lost across texas. this is pretty interesting because the route of travel is above interstate 10, which sprint has wallpapered with cell towers.

according to the pilot, we were cruising at 33,000 ft. we were on top of weather until we passed san antonio, then all was clear.

a new tower must have been erected on the eastern edge of el paso within the last few months. i say that because on the eastern periphery of el paso, at 14:00 mst, my phone came alive - handshaked - telling me that i had a voicemail msg. i immediately called to retrieve the msg. within 1-2 minutes, handshaking could not occur. the msg could not be retrieved. no connection could be effected.

i wish that i had my sectional charts. so that i could figure out what little town i was over, because at 14:25 mst, my cell phone indicated signal strength. again, i think a new tower has been erected. i tried to call my voicemail to retrieve my msg, but no connection could be established. the airliner had run beyond the range of the tower.

remember what i told you is speed that prevents cell phone conversations from airliners. that was true in 2001. and remains true in 2006. anyone who tells you otherwise is a disinformation agent for the state.

after this spike of signal strength, no signal could be attracted during the remainder of the flight.

overflying palm springs, when we began to descend, no signal. no connection.

at 14:34 pst, this aircraft was below 10,000' and beginning its final descent to LAX. no signal.

14:41 pst, gear down, just east of the palos verde peninsula. no signal.

14:43 no signal.

14:44 crossing the 405, final approach, suddenly a signal. 3 bars.

14:45 touch down. 5 bars.

does this inform you how impossible it was that any cell phone conversations occurred on 11/09/01?

it if doesn't, then you really have a problem. or you are an agent of the state.

remember this, if cell phone conversations could not have been conducted that day[and technically, they couldn't have been] then no proofs have been furnished us that any airliners were hijacked. and that being the reality, all of what you think you know about that day - you don't know.


Blogger Mooser said...

It won't take forever for the 9-11 hoax to be outed.
The one thing I am absolutely sure of: I don't know who, out of the many possibilities, wired up the WTC with explosives, but somebody did. Those jets could not have knocked down the buildings in that way, even if they were full of bombs, not jet fuel.
The buildings were full of bombs.

3:50 PM  

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