Saturday, December 23, 2006


my nieces have become a tough culinary audience.

a few years back, all they would eat was the plainest of pastas.

but they have been growing up.

and developing an adventurous palate. i recall last year when i took them to LUCQUES for dinner. softshell crab was on the menu. i was going to order it. lucy ordered it before i did. i changed my plans, thinking that i was going to eventually get lucy's softshell.

she had never had it before. she ate every bit of it.

tonight, i was in the box for preparing something fast and tasty. lucy[16] and her sister georgia[19] were going out for holiday parties.

crabmeat tacos were something that i bet they had never encountered before.

the biggest stumbling block was finding the principal ingredient: wild-caught jumbo lump blue crabmeat. from either the chesapeake or from the gulf coast.

whole foods didn't have it. vicente foods had farm-raised from thailand. santa monica seafoods didn't have it.

gelson's in pacifica palisades had it. actually, the most fantastic jumbo lump that i have found in a long time.

gelson's also had the yellow corn tortillas of the larger size. made by mission, these are not available in my town, houston. why, i wonder?

anyway, here is the receipt[for 4-5].

1. 16 oz jumbo lump blue crabmeat. sautee using grapeseed oil. at the end of that process, squeeze the juice of one key lime into the skillet and toss one last time.

turn off the heat and cover for 1-2 minutes.

2. heat yellow corn tortillas in oven at 350 for 1minute.

3. freshly-made guacamole

4. shredded iceberg lettuce

5. shredded radichio

6. cilantro leaves

7. albert's famous fish sauce...

a. 6 tablespoons mayonnaise[hellman's works]
b. 3 teaspoons moutarde des pompiers[pommery]
c. 1 tablespoon capers[minced]
d. chervil[to taste]
e. chives[to taste]
f. tarragon[to taste]
g. cayenne[to taste]
h. juice of a half key lime

i recommend taking the toasted corn tortilla and filling it this way....

2 tablespoons of the sauteed crabmeat
a tablespoon of guacamole
a tablespoon of the fish sauce

wrap the tortilla. devour and enjoy.

8. accompany it with a very dry white wine. my choices....

a. rancho zabaco's dancing bull sauv blanc
b. kim crawford's unoaked chardonnay
c. a savennieres from the loire valley

i think that you will conclude that this may be a better usage for blue crab than crab cakes. easier, faster.



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