Friday, December 29, 2006


the question has been asked, WHY DID WE INVADE IRAQ?

for the same reason that BUSHIT1 invaded panama.

to extricate those records that document the bushit family's financial relationships with these cia-created stooges[dictators].

if you were doing your reading, you might recall that paul o'neill[in the ron suskind book] related that within hours after the inauguration of the unelected, the planning for the invasion of iraq commenced.

now, why was bushit2 so keen on invading iraq? because bushit1 had failed to go far enough in 1991 - allowing saddam to retain the records of the financial relationship that he had with baker and bushit1.

bushit2 was terrified by the leverage that saddam held concerning that commercial relationship. and additionally, the mossad, the shin bet owned the bush family - whatever the zionists wanted, bushit2 would have to deliver it.

i close this way, the iraqi incursion into kuwait was part of a scheme to squeeze cash out of the emir sabah. major beneficiaries of this bit of extortion were james baker and the bushit family.

leaving saddam in control of iraq, then, was the favor for the facilitator of the extortion.

and saddam and iraq would have been left alone by bushit2 except for this feature of his life....he is owned by the israeli intell services. just imagine what they know.

has the light turned on, now? do you understand who really runs amerika?

it ain't amerikans.

rabbi abramoff, rabbi feith, rabbi chertoff , rabbi bodansky, et alia. ad infinitum.


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