Tuesday, May 08, 2007


let' s talk about tommy heffelfinger for a moment. a member of one of the wheat aristocratic families.

in minneapolis, the hefffelfingers owned and operated the peavey company. their closest friends, the crosbys[general mills], the pillsburys[pillsbury], and the macmillans[the greatest agrogangsters of the age, cargill].

more than republican. they are all fascist bastids. tommy's family law firm used to be dewey, ballantine. as establishment and as fascist as could be imagined.

though infrequently discussed, during the nixon era, these families were some of the financiers/ the launderers of the campaign cash that preserved the nixon incumbency. in concert with the coors family and the stranahan family. to name but a few.

oh, they were also major financiers of the contras.

so, the bushies turning on a heffelfinger is very interesting. but, tommy will keep his mouth shut, i think. after all, in the long haul, the bushies will be advancing heffelfinger family interests.

and tommy should not need the job. he should have quite an inheritance sinecure.

more info that should tell you that the press is brain dead.


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