Monday, April 30, 2007


i never know what individuals rely upon for information. i used to think that the nyt was a relevant source. but over the last 27 years, either it has devolved or it has revealed more completely its relataionship to the amerikan intell services.

i am mentioning this specifically because of the paucity of its reporting on the torture victims of gitmo. and the nyt is not alone in avoiding the realities of that story.

now, i say this because on sunday morning, i was confronted by one of the most extraordinary radio documentaries that i have ever encountered. it was broadcast on my local[kuhf] pbs station.

it was a show concerning habeas corpus. as prepared by ira glass and his show, this american life[on the net, of course. you can look it up]. i think it was entitled habeas shmabeus. find a way to listen to that broadcast. if you wanted any more proof of the high crimes of this administration, i think that this is the capper.

then there is the "newspaper of record's" coverage of that debate, which included former senator "mike" gravel. i may have missed it, but i did not notice any mention of his presence in that "newspaper of record".

more to the point, i read no mention of the extraordinary goebbelsian bias of the interrogators. for a daily tune-in to the prevarications of today's press, i recommend the daily howler[http//]. check bob's review of brian williams in today's edition.

some think that the press[media] has only recently moved into the fascist agitprop mode. of course this is not true. the amerikan press has been running dogs of the fascist bastids for decades. now some may doubt that. but if you have an open mind, you might read how it has worked in the past.

get your hands on george seldes' work. seldes was famous for his reporting on fascist italy. i think his best comment was, "tell the truth. and run."

seldes' inheritor was i f stone. branded a commie by the fascist amerikan right for his reporting that skewered the amerikan fascists, i have found that his reporting, in retrospect, told the real history of the eras in which he reported.

for many, stone's observations so dispute the "official" history, that stone was characterized as delusional. but, trained as a historian, i found his HIDDEN HISTORY OF THE KOREAN WAR and his essays on TRUMAN'S incompetencies and gangsterisms, closer to the true scoop than what my high school and college textbooks promoted. it took decades until real, thorough scholarship [bruce cumings: origins of the korean war/korea, the unknown war/war and television] confirmed stone's insights.

suffice it to say, in imperial amerika, historical truth is unwelcome.

i read some regular the other day comment that he had given up on reading. i have found this reluctance to read, to become accurataely informed, all too commonplace throughout my life. i consider it the great crime in this republic. quite candidly, if you don't fertilize your brain, it will become lifeless...your role as a beacon of this constitutional republic will slip away.

health practitioners recommend 30-60 minutes of some physical exercise once a day. to keep the cardiovascular system in tune.

i am a brain practitioner. and i recommend 60 minutes a day of reading non-fiction. history. current events.

if you are lost for a reading list, let me know. i shall be happy to furnish you one.

lastly, today, you can listen to broadcasts that were unavailable to individuals that did not live in certain broadcast areas. you don't have to read. only to listen.

here are a few that i suggest to your ears....


you can search for the url's.

there is a country to regain. get as knowledgeable as you can is what i say.

why this rant? driving into houston this afternoon, i surfed into this agitprop zionist by the name of michael medved. made me wish that i could jump into the speakers and reappear at his mike and strangle him.

sic semper tyrannis


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