Saturday, March 17, 2007


though unreported, as he responded to the magneto driving his testicles, he was the real shooter that day. in the grassy knoll.

after more turns of the magneto's crank, he related how he shot malcolm.

more turns, he shouted out how he shot martin in memphis.

winding down the magneto, but still being shocked to shitting, he confessed that he was the shooter at the ambassador hotel, taking our RFK.

babbling, he also confessed to being in cholon and "offing" NGO DINH DIEM. and his brother, NGO DINH NHU.

he also confessed to assassinating sam giancana and johnny robustelli.

and george de mohrenschildt.

and it really wasn't jack rubenstein taking out the patsy, he did that deed, too.

it's amazing what we have learned from this man imprisoned at gitmo...

he has confessed to having been a member of the corsican mafia/oas and trying to assassinate president degaule.

he also claims to have been responsible for the extermination of dag hammerskold and patrice lumumba.

yes, it is amazing how the interrogators at gitmo have solved so many of the mysteries of the 20th century.

i wonder, will khalid get a wax sculpture at madame tussauds?


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