Wednesday, March 14, 2007


don't put words in my mouth.

what my eyes reveal is the "blowing-up" of two skyscrapers[wtc 1,2]. a "blowing-up" that caused them to fall into their foundations in virtual free-fall speed.

if you concentrate on the demolition, i think that you will notice that it is possibly the most extraordinary destruction of a pair of buildings. it would appear to be a combination of techniques, implosion and explosion.

but perhaps the discrepancies of a classical implosion demolition were the consequence of a hasty deployment of charges. perhaps the explosive evidence was created so as to mask the principal mechanism, implosion demolition.

suffice it to say, unless the basements were explosively cratered, the debris from the collapsing would have been 20-40 stories high. but the tower's debris was less than 8 stories high. where was all the debris? a lot of it was explosively pulverized and explosively shot out into lower manhattan, to be sure. but another major component ended up in those basement craters that were created by explosives.

oh, i understand, that you resist this reality. but it is the reality.

i think that wtc 6 is the bell cow for subterranean demolition. there were no fires in wtc 6, it was explosively hollowed out. no debris caused this 'hollowing".

wtc 7 is a classical demonstration of implosion demolition. and everyone in the demolition industry knows it. there is no other explanation for that collapse. and even NIST recognized it...that is why NIST refrained from making any scientific conclusions about that demolishing. and NIST will never render an opinion concerning this building's collapse if it can help prays that everyone will forget.

i close this way, as i have closed in the past.

these manhattan sites were deserving of being secured as crime scenes. and a full investigation of the debris was warranted[ordinarily, would have been the normal procedure]. but that normal procedure was obviated in all the aircraft "collisions with terrain" of that day. on whose orders? on the orders of the president of the united states.

so, instead of collecting the aircraft debris for analysis[as was done with TWA800], the debris in manhattan was taken to the phd of landfills, FRESHKILLS, and buried.

the structural steel was collected, hauled off by CONTROLLED DEMOLITIONS, INC. and sold as scrap to china/india for reprocessing.

by the way, the secure controlling of this steel was so critical that the FBI monitored all the truckloads. any significant deviation from a delivery timing resulted in the firing of the driver. there is the instructive story of a driver who stopped for a sandwich, leaving the steel unattended for a 30 minute interval. this dereliction caused him to be fired.

this has always led me to ponder, were some people at the highest levels of the usg scared that someone might acquire/photograph some of the evidence?

in the history of post ww2 commercial aviation, these 4 collisions with terrain that day, 11/09/01, are the only ones that i know of that were not investigated. and that those investigations did not occur was by order of the potus.

you cannot argue with that.

but you must ask the question, why did the potus not want normal investigatons to occur?

would a real forensic investigation repudiate the usg's fictional story of the events of that day? would it reveal that the aircraft debris did not belong to the aircraft purportedly colliding with the towers? i think so.

anyway, so much more could be said...

but time to cook dinner.

if you still doubt demolition as the modality, you might care to tune into...

check out the demolition dvd

and then there is this new compilation of the news footage of that day...


Blogger Al Coa said...

Well, I see any continued comment by me here is a waste of time. I have addressed most of the points that you regurgitate here, once again, in previous comments. I have no desire to repeat myself.

You are a true believer.

6:47 AM  
Blogger Mooser said...

Mr. al Coa, I will put you in my prayers tonite. I really will. I will pray that the Almighty gives you the eyes to see, and the ears to hear, the truth.

12:49 PM  
Blogger Al Coa said...

I'm content for the Lord to judge truth from falsehood mooser. I am not so arrogant as to assume that God has enlightened me with His grace and emplore Him to open the eyes of others. You would do well to acknowledge that you likely walk in darkness and not presume that God has seen fit to bless you with clarity.

1:37 PM  
Blogger Mooser said...

Gosh, a structural engineer, aan expert on forensic anthropology, and a Preacher, too!

I give up, I'll never contend with someone who has the Lard on their side.

I guess KSM (he's a bad motha..Shut yo' mouf) will just have to make room on his busy schedule for the 9-11 bombings.

11:07 AM  
Blogger Al Coa said...

You are the one who brought the Almighty into this.

Showing about as much understanding of religious faith as you do of structural engineering.

It's a shame to so willingly revel in your own lack of intelligence.

8:53 PM  

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