Wednesday, March 14, 2007


eric gillen. THE BAG. April 2007 Esquire. page 133.

it's an interesting account.

but if floats some FALSE information.

on page 137, for instance, eric gillin says this, " The building burned uncontrollably at up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit for sixty-two minutes."

sorry, eric, you are way off the mark. temperatures probably never exceeded 650 F[even the NIST report says this]. and as for the south tower, according to NYFD recorded assessments, the fire was confined to only a couple of floors and was virtually OUT before the demolition of the building. in fact, most of the jetA burned outside of the building[as all the photos reveal].

NO 1800 F. NO building burning uncontrollably.

eric continues to tell a false story. on page 141, he says this, "When the south tower came down, the massive concrete floors fell like a giant stack of pancakes..."

really wrong again, eric. you ought to have kept up with the NIST report. though there is much that is wrong with the NIST report, even NIST had to repudiate the falsity of the "pancake" theory.

it is so discouraging after all these years that so much bullshit about that day continues to be written, published.

you and your editor are either uninformed, idiots, or disinformation agents. which is it?


Blogger Al Coa said...


There's a source I look to for sound scientific info.

That and the latest on haute couture.

But seriously, doesn't your theory rely on the floors all pancaking onto each other? Speed of fall? Lack of debris?

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