Friday, March 16, 2007


t was a long time ago[1965] that i last flew a baron in the northeast corridor on instruments, on a clear weather day. i was flying from logan to teterboro, then teterboro to columbus,ohio. it was a nerve-wracking flight. lots of traffic in that area, and even though we were on instruments, on a flight plan, we had to use swiveling heads to watch out for vfr traffic. i never wanted to fly in that area again.

by 2001, i am more than certain that the congestion was worse, and that the radio/controller disciplines were considerably more complex.

i might not be getting it accurately, but as i view the "official" scenario, these four aircraft were essentially streaking along in very crowded airspace in a vfr mode. how was it that they were so blessed as to not collide with another aircraft?

it is my understanding that the fbi seized the controller tapes. and that the 911 cover-up committee never heard them. t or f?

if true, it makes me wonder if some of the tapes are controllers vectoring other aircraft out of the way of the airliners off transponder, deviating from flight plans. any thoughts on that issue?

as to the issue of the real skills of these saudi's, at one point i recall reading that they were saudi military trained in the fact, lived in military assistance housing at pensacola. t or f?

the most interesting stories about some of these saudis is being reported by a danny hopsicker. he has concentrated on atta and his time in venice, sarasota, naples, FL. rudy dekkers flight school and the strange drug-trafficking of wally hilliard[a friend of jeb's]. the msm avoids these investigative bits like the plague...the nyt owns the sarasota paper and refrains from discussing these issues[in fact, they attack hopsicker].

hopsicker's book is entitled WELCOME TO TERRORLAND. his previous book was an investigation into barry seal, BARRY AND THE BOYS. i think his website is

if you don't know of his investigation, i recommend it to you. it reveals what may be a significant part of the story concerning that day in september that the msm, and even a lot of the web, works assiduously to avoid.

i care to close this way, 11 september is an interesting date. 11/09/73 was the day that the nixon[reptillian] regime initiated the coup in chile - replacing one of the oldest constitutional republics in the hemisphere with a totalitarian dictatorship. i wonder if the 11/09 date has some significance for "gulps".

can we retrieve this republic? unfortunately, not via the ballot box. the demtillians area as keen on running a totalitarian state as the reptillians.


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