Monday, April 30, 2007


i have been invited to visit some friends. they asked me to bring some of my fave jass. at the moment, i have been tuned into singers. so, i asked them if they knew....

kenny rankin
jackie ryan
inga swearingen
marilyn scott
maureen mcgovern
elaine elias
robert mosci

they didn't. do you?

and for the unremembered horn player - bobby hackett. probably the most lyrical horn player ever. his instrument was the cornet. no one else has ever taken up that horn - so far, hackett owns it. even pops doffed his hat to bobby's lyricism.

there was this player by the name of wilbur harden, however, who could have been a contender. he made some recordings with early coltrane that are killers. but for reasons virtually unexplained, harden retired. but, if you can find the savoy recordings that he made with coltrane, play 'em. prepare to be blown away.


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