Wednesday, August 15, 2007


yes, batshit rudy is the only way this guy should be described.

i recall when my girlfriend and i first encountered him. it was at mickey mantle's joint in manhattan. rudy wandered in with a girlfriend and his goombah "pals" for a late night drink.

mantle's joint was virtually empty. my girlfriend and i were at the bar having a nightcap before retiring to the essex house[we were visiting manhattan].

now we became captured by a very inebriated mayor guiliani, his inebriated girlfriend, and his goombah "pals".

it was one of those situations that you hate to be caught up in. there was no way for us to escape that jerk. in fact, mantle's stayed open after hours to accommodate his honor the mayor. and my friend and i had to be captured until he and his entourage finally decided to depart[3AM].

we were pissed. we had an early morning flight to catch. and rudy is not all that pleasant to be around. nor the gunsells that were accompanying him.

i have always operated under the precept that where there is smoke there is fire. so, i would assert that there are hundreds[if not thousands] of stories like this out there in the naked city. and that the msm knows of them.

but fascist bastids that it is composed of, owned by, controlled by, this knowledge will not be related to the sheep.

only at the netroot level can the real rudy be revealed for the alcoholic, philandering, thoroughly dishonest human being that he is.

tear this gangster down from his pedestal.

i feel better now having said this. i shall feel much better when this guy becomes erased from the political lists.


Blogger MK said...

It's been a long "few" weeks.

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