Saturday, July 28, 2007


perhaps some of you out there know of the italian restaurants in manhattan's little italy....where you could eat astonishing amounts of food for very little.

it was a money laundering affair, reportedly.

a few years ago, this scion of a galveston gangster family[las vegas before there was a las vegas], began taking over lots of restaurants. how did that happen? was it the result of the loan-sharking that is all too commonplace in the restaurant racket? i think so.

all those restaurants that borrowed some expensive goodfella money became so troubled that the goodfellas ended up owning their props.

and now, according to the nyt, it seems as if the goodfella may be about to do a bust-out...leaving his financiers high and dry.

tilman was very close to bill & hillary. somehow i think that he was also close to the bushies.


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