Wednesday, July 18, 2007


a few days ago, i surfed into a foodnetwork show entitled ROAD TASTED.

this is a show hosted by the sons of the savannah queen, paula deen.

on this episode, the boys were in tuscaloosa, at this rib joint. as i watched the rib cooking procedure, i said to myself, there is no way that process could result in edible ribs.

just to confirm that, i ordered up a slab.

now, my factory has at least 4 semi-pro barbequers. we tried these deen-recommended ribs.

absolutely horrible. as i thought when i saw the cooking methodology, they are uncooked.

dreamland ships them purportedly cooked, yet frozen. all you have to do is reheat them.


these ribs have not been cooked sufficiently. tougher than a combat boot.

and the "famous" dreamland sauce....another joke.


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