Saturday, January 06, 2007


why can't they do it? why do they refuse to do it?

what is "it"?

authentic huevos rancheros.

what is it about hotels in LA that causes them to improperly prepare this very simple dish?

it is on the breakfast menu of the bel-air, the park hyatt. and others i think. i know it was on the breakfast menu of the beverly hills hotel - but i didn't have the courage to be disappointed by what i felt would be yet another abortion.

none of these preparations use any chiles. neither do they use any spicy chorizo. and they use so much sour cream. and invent such a production that it is inedible.

huevos rancheros is a cowboy breakfast.

how it is best prepared, layered[or how i like it]....

1. 1 or 2 corn tortillas. warmed to 350F

2. slathered with refried black beans.

3. 1 egg over medium.

4. cover with salsa. warm it beforehand in the microwave. i like la victoria's salsa ranchera[IF YOU DON'T MAKE YOUR OWN].

5. some like a dusting of asiago cheese. i don't. but if you do, go for it.

6. not finding a chorizo that i like. i accompany this with a pork sausage from elgin, tx. cut a link into 1/2-3/4 slices and fry at medium heat.

7. i like to do this on sundays with sparkling wine. i am keen on the gruet variants.

lots of bubbles. lots of fruit. in my opinion, the best brut rose that you will ever find. kicks laurent perrier in the ass.

viva chihuahua.


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