Monday, January 01, 2007


all the best for the new year.

was out in LA. thank god my brother in law has finally seen the light about the bushits. or perhaps we have just tacitly agreed to not discuss any relevant cultural, political, historical issues. my brother in law is so much like my dad in so many respects...i suppose that is why my sister married him. my dad was so clueless about some of the events that were happening during his lifetime. mike is much the same way.

upon reflection, that is the reason, undoubtedly, that we, as a nation, keep playing the same skipping groove of national behavior.

i refuse to watch some things. i don't do bullfights. i don't do cockfights. i suppose that my innate pacifism and fair play is what eventually caused the usmc to abandon its efforts to convert me into a murdering bastid.

i have seen some still photos. i have read today's nyt article on this episode in the continuing war crime. reads as if the psychopath president and his band of psychopaths continue to astonish with the monstrous level of their criminal bungling.

the harvard business school will never live this bungling gangster down. reveals what small beer a harvard mba really is.

but i suppose that corporate courtiers will continue to purchase that acronym from the harbus. but now we know that it is just a degree for sale[i.e., if george walker bush received an MBA from the harbus, then any resident of the bridgewater facility for the mentally defective, and criminal, with enough money, should be able to acquire that acronym for his cv].

george walker bush has been remarkably educational, don't you think? he has instructed the world that though the usa is a gangster country, it is ruled by an inept bunch of gangsters. he has revealed to all the world that at its core, the usa is a banana republic, has always been a banana republic.

and he has instructed the world that an MBA from harvard doesn't mean a damn thing other than this....if you can afford it, you can have it.

before the 2000 election, it was my opinion that george walker bush was the spawn of satan. but living through his regime, watching him, i have amended that appraisal. now, i am convinced that george walker bush is the product of an eugenics[breeding] program that went awry. much like dollie the cloned sheep, george's synapses aren't all connected.

perhaps that is why he is so opposed to stem cell research. somewhere he remembers his petri dish and knows that it went terribly wrong from the start. and he wants to prevent that from happening to anyone else.

nah, simpler explanation....spoiled, a bully. never accomplished anything. bar muscled everything for him throughout his life.

my favorite image is of usama, saddam, chandra levy drinking margaritas and eating shrimp around the pool of their compound. along with all the passengers of the four airliners of 11/09/01. it is a special place. impossible to access. impossible to escape from. much like the retirement village in the prisoner. i can think of a number of locations for such a controlled adjunct of gitmo. if not in a suburb of gitmo, then possibly in this south amerikan country that the bushit family's good friend and financier now controls - uruguay. or perhaps alfredo's old shelter for nazi's - paraguay. and then there is chile. even though the gangster general has gone south, there are aspects of chile that inform me that certain nazi attitudes persist...and i can assure you that there is plenty of territory suitable for hiding more than 500[muse on the children of god cult, for example].

that would be the most extraordinary rendition of the era....all the passengers spirited to a compound[s] out of sight, out of mind. and perhaps that would explain why virtually none of the survivors of the airliner victims accepted any settlement monies, why none of them were/have been as energetic in calling for an investigation as were the survivors of the wtc victims.

personally, with the exception of the deaths of iraqis and uniformed and sandline-style amerikan murderers[and mercs of other nationalities], i have thought that much of this episode is/has been theatrical...the acme of orwellianism. that the capture of saddam was as fraudulent as the destruction of the saddam statue in baghdad. as fraudulent as the notion of commander in sockstuffed codpiece piloting the plane that landed him on the carrier.

and people ask me why i refrain from reading fiction.

[to be continued?]


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