Monday, January 01, 2007


the only intelligent solution.

increasingly i find myself selecting wines based on the method of sealing.

the verget house of white burgundies, for example, has adopted the screw cap. my plaudits.

i wish more vintners would get with that methodology.

but, some must still think that a corkscrew[or an ah-so] is still mandatory for the wine experience. so, faced with the problems of tca-contaminated corks. the problems of the shortage of corks because of the oak cork blight, they have adopted hydrocarbon-based plastic corks. a horrible decision. because of they way they are dimensioned, the ah-so style extractors cannot be used. and with rare exceptions, conventional corkscrews do not like these plastic corks. and worst of all, a tool must still be used to open the bottle.

no, the screw cap is the best available technology. with but one proviso...if the neck of the bottle has somehow been broken, the screw cap twist can become a cutting experience. first time i ever encountered it... a plumpjack 2005 chardonnay at LUCQUES before christmas.

it was the first time that i had ever been served a screwcap wine at a restaurant. and he could not open it. i should have let him take it back. but, he was a waiter that i have encountered previously. whom i consider less than professional. so, i asked him for the bottle. oh, i opened it all right. and cut myself badly as the neck of the glass separated. since i don't think that i am that strong, my guess is that the bottle had been broken prior to that event.

the cut was in the web of the hand between the thumb and the forefinger. ouch. bled profusely. tough to staunch. almost impossible to bandage.

the waiter was almost less than helpful. eventually, after bleeding on napkins and bathroom towels, he brought me the chefs' tools, a spray bottle of instant bandage and bandages[after all, where else but in a professional kitchen does a cut repair kit hang-out?].

suzanne got it right. she comped the replacement bottle of wine.

still, screw caps should rule.


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