Saturday, January 06, 2007


it would not be the first time that the usg used swabbies to orchestrate a war.

in fact, the last great defeat of the usa was administered by an admiral swabbie... ULYSSES GRANT SHARP.

many remember general westmoreland. but sharp was his boss.

now, why was it that the navy had command of us forces in seasia? because lbj and mac determined that we were going to use carrier-launched aircraft to bomb the usa to victory...and that no slanty-eyed "gooks" were going to be able to resist that level of naval bombardment.

sharp was cincpac from the overt invasion of vietnam in 1964 until tet in 1968.

in the chain of command, he was the guy in charge of macv.

when you learn of another swabbie admiral assuming command of a ground war, you can assure yourself that carrier-launched aircraft and cruise missiles are on the hor d'oevres platter. and you can assure yourself that there is a distinct possibility that new invasive battle plans are being implemented.

the real disbursement of homicidal assets to watch for is the usaf at diego garcia, qatar. watch for deployment of b52's.

engorged and dick'em are masons. belonging to a templar lodge. a crusader lodge. and they are intent on eliminating all of islam.

the religious war that will end all life on this planet. and it is happening with no one noticing. or perhaps there are those noticing...such as the fundamentalist christians and catholics that i encounter. all of them seem to think that the extermination of islam is a good idea.

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