Thursday, January 04, 2007


there are some on the left coaster site that are outraged by sheehan's raining on the parade. forcing the mossadist, rahm to take his ego elsewhere. here is how i view the episode...

i think that sheehan recognizes the real issue...the control that the israeli intell services have achieved over the congress of the united states of amerika.

and i think it to be a level of control founded on bribery, blackmail. think the rabbi jack abramoff.
and rabbi feith. rabbi chertoff. rabbi bodansky. rabbi perle. and how many others?

as long as the israeli intell services are controlling the congress, the perpetual war for perpetual peace will continue. never forget, it is just not the invasion of iraq that is ongoing. the israeli agitprop agents have done a very slick job as painting the enemy as muslims. re-creaating the crusade. so we are still engaged in an almost abortive invasion of afghanistan. we financed the recent israeli invasion of lebanon. we finance the israeli invasions of palestinian territories. and we are probably preparing to finance some kind of unwarranted military actions against iran, syria.

these homicidal activities are not in the interest of the united states of amerika. why must it be that the united states must function as the financier, the armorer, the protector of israel?

carl levin, i think, has today revealed that he will not oppose the addition of more amerikans as targets. why? there is no chance of the united states of amerika mastering all these invasions/occupations without the usa going to a total war footing. universal conscription. massive armaments manufacturing. rationing. etc.

is carl levin jewish? i think so. is he a zionist?
does he, like many others, hold an israeli passport?

must be, because any senator advocating the sacrifice of more amerikan soldiers is not acting in the interests of the usa.

and, of course it is not just the sacrificing of amerikan soldiers, it is the "collateral" damage, the murdering of the noncombatants in those countries that we, and our surrogates, have invaded. the total destruction of countries that never attacked the usa, never allied themselves with anyone who attacked the usa. in fact, the usa has never been attacked since the war of 1812.

i could say so much more about the long-term reluctance of the democratic party to spurn the warmongering of this evil empire. and cindy sheehan knows that history, i think.

she knows that the democratic party was more than willing to allow the reaganauts to conduct war throughout central america and the southern cone. and she knows that the democratic party was more than willing to ignore the falsehoods of ghwbushit's invasion of iraq in 1991. and she knows that the democratic party was quite comfortable with bj bill's and ak tony's invasion of the balkans, and aerial domination of iraq...the sanctions' regime that destroyed that country and was responsible for the deaths of thousands of iraqi non-combatants[by this date, probably more than a million].

no, cindy sheehan understands the democratic party all too well. as do i. as should you. by now.

the final question...why haven't we been out in the streets? protesting the war. opposing the fascist bastids, demtillians and reptillians, who prolong this bout of mass murder?

it is because we have allowed the israeli intell services to paint the conflict as godly christians versus "terrorist muslims".

cindy sheehan sees it accurately, until masses of usa citizens get out into the streets demanding the end of the war, the congress of the usa will continue to do the bidding of the mossad, the shin bet, the munitions manufacturers, the war profiteers. only by massive anti-war protesting will the demtillian shills become scared enough about the likelihood of preserving their incumbencies that they will end these illegal invasions, occupations.

and that is the way it really is.and will always be.


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