Monday, January 01, 2007


today was the day. the management of a freezer that had become so stuffed that no new stuff could be introduced.

i am a great procrastinator. a great collector. but this freezer was filled with stuff that took my breath away.

there were lots of odd memories in it. the french cut rib roast parts that i used to throw on the barbie on sunday evenings after my dad died when mom would come over for dinner. that ended 10 years ago when she was assaulted in her assisted living facility. mom died last year. i suppose i continued to hold onto those rib cuts in the belief that as long as they were around, so was her aura. but the time does come to let it go.

and then there were all those steaks from the 20lb king salmon caught some years ago. having caught the fish, i guess i just couldn't eat the fish.

all of these were vacuum packed. possibly salvageable. but possibly not. after all, hurricane rita had shut down this freezer for some hours in 2005.

i can say that vacuum packaging for freezing is a great techology. i could recognize these contents.

and they might have been resuscitatible [sic]. but it was the icebergs in ziploc bags that consumed me....what had they been? i let them thaw. just for my education.

lamb chops.


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