Monday, January 01, 2007


if i was the leader of another hydrocarbon nation, i would have noticed that the united states of amerika has decided to be a pariah state - the real locus of the axis of evil. the real terrorist endeavor.

additionally, i would have noticed that the pariah is a paper tiger. no hydrocarbons. increasingly no manufacturing capabilities. no intelligent leadership. a brain-damaged military. no abilities to secure its borders. and bankrupt.

if i were managing certain countries,venezuela for example, i would be closing my borders to the holders of certain passports[uk & usa & israel]. more to the point, i would be ordering the removal of all us/uk/israeli nationals.

the time has come for the world to see the usa, the uk,and israel, for what they are. the new nazis.

the time has come for the world to quarantine these nations. confine its citizens them to their borders.

and wait. wait for the spoils of quarantine to occur. it will not take more than a couple of years. after a quarantine of some months, the usa will be easy pickings. israel will be dead. and the uk? also dead. and impoverished.

and that is the only logical outcome to this hydra that gwbush and his myrmidons unleashed.

finally, the other nations on this planet must wake up. admit that the usa and its allies are their enemies. that the usa[in concert with other nations] has become the rejuvenation of hitler's reich.

and must be exterminated.

the new nuremburg. i have a little list. it reads like this....

george herbert walker bush
james baker
brent scowcroft
henry kissinger
david rockefeller
jay rockefeller
richard cheney
donald rumsfeld
paul wolfowitz
douglas feith
condi rice
richard perle
general peter pace
general abizaid
general schoonmaker
general casey
general richard myers
george walker bush
elliot abrams
general richard eberhardt

PHILIP ZELIKOW[deserving of a special noose].


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