Thursday, January 04, 2007


so, here the whale rises again. discuss the role of the israeli intell services and the pejorative of anti-semite, anti-jew is invoked.

that card must be squelched asap.

if perle, wolfowitz, feith, bodansky, abrams, kristol, et alia were catholics, i would be denouncing the catholic church and its orgs - opus dei and the jesuits.

but these warmongerers are not catholics. they are jews. and zionist jews who have discovered how easily the amerikan populace can be cowed.

the illusion that has been created over the years is that israel just wants to live in peace. total hogwash. zionist israel has always been an erstwhile imperialist. and best of all, for them, they have seduced the usa to finance their imperialism.

i sometimes think about gangsters. odd isn't how the image has been created by the media that the mob are italians[sicilians]. think on the sopranos.

but, the history of the mob in amerika is much larger. meyer lansky. ben siegel. arnold rothstein. the purple gang. et alia.

why don't we get a sitcom identifed as the SIEGELS, THE LANSKYS? instead of watching catholic, christian italians[sicilians]being mobsters, ordering whack jobs while they eat their pastas, why aren't we seeing families with yarmulkes, eating matzo and gefilte, ordering whack jobs?

the oddest disinfo agent is yossef bodansky. the creator of the legend of osama bin laden. a rabbi and a dual-passporter. before the book, bin laden: the man who declared war on amerika, appeared, bodansky wrote a few anti-muslim books that were printed under the imprimatur of the rabbi friedman foundation in houston, tx.

bodansky is a character that has gone unexamined for some reason. who has very thin skin. and refuses to be interviewed, except for one very strange occasion shortly after 11/09/01..on cspan's washington journal.

in 1993, bodansky had a book published by shapolsky entitled TARGET AMERICA:TERRORISM IN THE US TODAY. at the time, bodansky was the director of the republican task force on terrorism and unconventional warfare.

now, shapolsky is a proprietary publisher.

other interesting aspects of this book. within hours of the events of 11/09/01 agents of the usg removed all copies of it extant within the usa.

my favorite story concerning bodansky was his only appearance on television. it was on cspan's washington journal. he was being interviewed about the evil muslim, the saudi[cia asset] usama bin laden and his novel.

a caller asked him about target america and his role as a republican agent in the us conngress. he became quite agitated. refused to answer, saying that he was on cspan only to discuss his book on bin laden.

the caller wouldn't take that answer and tried to push that issue. bodansky walked off the set.

no mention of this occurred anywhere in the legit press.

bodansky is a foreign agent.

and the rabbi friedman foundation members are those responsible for keeping george walker bush out of jail. when he was busted for cocaine, it was this group of zionists that interceded with the harris county court and got this bushit released to some months of community service.

that is part of the hook the zionists have over the bushies. but mossad and shin bet have so much more.

and by the way, the crimes of the israel fascist state are routinely discussed in the israeli media. it is so odd that in the usa, what is discussed in haaretz, is not allowed to be discussed here. and in fact, if one does try to discuss these truths in the usa, one is denounced as an anti-semite.

even more to the point about how perceptions in the usa are manipulated, travel outside of the usa. and tune in cnn. or other news orgs. you will see carnage that is excised from the view of the amerikan audience.

who dictated that censorship? catholics? protestants?

reality intrudes once again. jews.


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