Saturday, July 28, 2007


ah, the historical concept of the "secret state".

perhaps it would be more accurate to label it the "unknown state". in the same sense that bruce cumings and jon halliday wrote a history of the amerikan invasion of korea[a history also made into a television documentary by thames television] and entitled it, korean: the unknown war.

now, why was that war "unknown"? because the usg wanted it to be, in the main, unknown to the amerikan electorate.

the enablers of this unknowness was the amerikan press[in that era, largely print].

the virtually "unknown" machinations of the amerikan state are the stuffing of the real historical record.

i start the film with president polk and the invasion of mexico. then we move to the corporate attorney, old honest abe, and his clients. a history that goes unmentioned because the statists decided to propagandize the enshrinement of old honest abe, the most astonishing homicidal maniac in the history of the 19th century.

the homicidal, imperial impulse next surfaces in that wealthy aristocrat teddy roosevelt. but, it is verboten to discuss him in this way.

his successor homicidal maniac is that purported "progressive, woody wilson and his counselor from houston, edward mandel house[and finally, his wife edith].

in my view, the stellar "secret state" action implemented by woody was the 1913 establishment of the federal reserve - a decision forced on him by the real gangsters of amerikan history[warburg, loeb, mellon, morgan, rothschild et alia].
decades later, this story goes unrevealed.

then, of course, there are woody's little wars in the hemisphere. the second invasion of mexico. the invasion of haiti, nicaragua, ad infinitum..

and then there was the war profiteers' paradise, the great war. a boon to all those who forced the creation of the federal reserve.

clare, how much further do i have to go?

well, just a little bit further. let us consider fdr for a moment. without going into his gangsterism for a bit, i have always marveled at how so little of his machinations at war profiteering have gone unexamined.

his first game of reinvigorating the secret state involved his deployment of the office of naval intelligence to spy on everyone and muscle any antagonists.

and then there was his recreation of the propaganda mechanism that woody first employed. similar names. fdr's was labeled the office for the coordination of information. it was the secret agency, run by donovan, to manipulate the usa to going to war.

pearl harbor. often described as a "surprise" attack. here again, this description is/has been a creation of the "unknown state".

there could be no surprise attack in 12/1941. the usa, britain, france, the netherlands declared war on japan in 04-06/1941 with the imposition of the trade and petroleum embargo. embargoes are acts of war. it gets little discussion in this very ignorant country, but after that embargo was declared, japan was within all rights to retaliate.

i could say much more about the recognition among the "white" powers that japan was going to retaliate....that the retaliation was more than expected, preparations were made. pearl harbor was no surprise attack.

i shall end it here for the time being.

what comes next, fdr's creation of a future war in korea when he decided to divide a historically undivided country - korea - at yalta. and truman's exacerbation of this war when he allowed the usa to restore the japanese to ruling roles. in addition to bruce cumings history, ORIGINS OF THE KOREAN WAR. long ago, the most accurate history was written by izzie stone, THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF THE KOREAN WAR.

all of the decisions that provoked these conflicts were "unknown state" decisions.

conspiracies. oh, i know, the state prefers to discredit the idea of conspiracies, but i can assure you, that as a student of history, conspiracies are the armature of history. for example....

in the early pages of your book, you mentioned F O MATTHIESSEN. peter's grandfather, i think.

peter was a yalie. not skull & bones. scroll & key i think. and he became an employee of the outfit. and one of his mission's was to create a cultural bridgehead so as to control ideas....his partner was george plimpton. their cover was known as the paris review.

after plimpton's death, npr's weekend edition devoted the entirety of its air to promoting the false history of the paris review. was this the action of the secret state? i think so.

peter came out last year. was that an act of courage? i don't think so. he was being "outed" in a brit journal that concentrates on examining spookdom. if you don't know it, and you care about the influence of spooks on your life, the life of your country, it is known as LOBSTER. it is devoted to studying the secret state.

and then there is porter goss[yalie,book & snake] and the operation 40 group. another bunch of bushophiles that go undiscussed. another group of the secret state.

in my view, one has to go to great lengths to avoid this knowledge. but, most citizens do.

why is that? i have concluded that most don't want to know how corrupt it all is. they just want to get to the end of their lives without being picked up by the state and renditioned to the amerikan gulags.

so it goes


perhaps some of you out there know of the italian restaurants in manhattan's little italy....where you could eat astonishing amounts of food for very little.

it was a money laundering affair, reportedly.

a few years ago, this scion of a galveston gangster family[las vegas before there was a las vegas], began taking over lots of restaurants. how did that happen? was it the result of the loan-sharking that is all too commonplace in the restaurant racket? i think so.

all those restaurants that borrowed some expensive goodfella money became so troubled that the goodfellas ended up owning their props.

and now, according to the nyt, it seems as if the goodfella may be about to do a bust-out...leaving his financiers high and dry.

tilman was very close to bill & hillary. somehow i think that he was also close to the bushies.

Monday, July 23, 2007


do you like crab cakes?

and don't want to make them yourself?

in my investigation into the deen boys' standards, i tried the market inn cakes.

i scored the maryland cakes a B.

thawed and flattened to a patty, i pan-sauteed them on a gas burner at medium.

2.5 minutes a side.

before serving, sqeezed the juice of a wedge of mexican key lime on them.

very tasty.

in my opinion, these cakes needed a bit more lump.

but, these are better than 99% of the cakes you will ever encounter in restaurants in north amerika.

try 'em. i am sure that you will like them.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


a few days ago, i surfed into a foodnetwork show entitled ROAD TASTED.

this is a show hosted by the sons of the savannah queen, paula deen.

on this episode, the boys were in tuscaloosa, at this rib joint. as i watched the rib cooking procedure, i said to myself, there is no way that process could result in edible ribs.

just to confirm that, i ordered up a slab.

now, my factory has at least 4 semi-pro barbequers. we tried these deen-recommended ribs.

absolutely horrible. as i thought when i saw the cooking methodology, they are uncooked.

dreamland ships them purportedly cooked, yet frozen. all you have to do is reheat them.


these ribs have not been cooked sufficiently. tougher than a combat boot.

and the "famous" dreamland sauce....another joke.