Wednesday, February 21, 2007


the usa has been training terrorists for decades.

i have posted this in the past, but of course, many posts are overlooked, ignored.

my earliest exposure to special ops occurred in the 1970's. there was this freight forwarding company on greens road, adjacent to IAH. it was the EGYPTIAN AIR TRANSPORT SERVICE COMPANY[EATSCO].

my air freight forwarder was its neighbor. one day, while delivering an emergency shipment, after hours, to my forwarder, the subject of EASTCO came up. SPOOKS is what i was told.

since i was, am, and will always be a student of spooks, i paid some attention to EATSCO. my observations informed me that lots of usn personnel were in and out of EATSCO...that EATSCO was probably a cover operation.

it has been at least 20 years. it was a thursday or a friday. i was flying into AMS. from milan, i think. my seatmate was ranting about terrorists. i let his rant unwind. then i told him that it was my country, and nato, that were running the terrorists. i thought that he would have a stroke.

after his attack on me ended, we were on final approach to AMS. before we disembarked, i advised him to pay attention, that he would soon learn the truth that i had imparted. he spluttered as i exited the aircraft.

the next morning, sitting down to breakfast, i opened my iht and found the sy hersh sty revealing the ed wilson/frank terpil ONI ops of which EATSCO was a part.

the oil industry is a great cover for intell ops.

what did EATSCO do? well it sent C-4 to libya. in 55 gallon drums labelled as drilling fluid. via lufthansa via frankfurt.

and what happened to this c-4 explosive when it reached libya? well the ONI,via its operatives, trained terrorists in how to use it.

who did the ONI train in the libyan desert? IRA. THE RED BRIGADES. THE TAMIL TIGERS. ET ALIA.

so, the usa has been running international terrorism for a long time.

as i said previously, the oil industry is a great cover for covert operations.

my next intersection with the usa's training of terrorists occurred in london, shortly after ronnie raygun's F-111 attack on libya.

i was stayin in the flat of an old friend in london. i was certain that my friend was a spook, but this episode confirmed it. one evening, my friend told me that i was going to have to move to the couch in the living room, that someone else, a superior, was traveling through london and was going to be using my bedroom. since i was a guest, i could only acquiesce.

since my old friend worked for marathon oil, i assumed that the visitor was going to be a higher ranking marathon employee.

imagine my surprise when i opened the door to a seal captain. i suppose that because i was ex-usmc , a guest of a retired[sic] lt commander, i was vetted.

we went out to dinner. an italian joint in st john's wood. the captain drank too much. i learned that he was traveling from algeciras, spain, to stornoway, isle of lewis.

marathon was operating offshore fab sites at both of these locations. but, as i listened to the conversation, those sites were covers for seal terrorist training operations.

and i shall never forget this seal captain. he was a murderer. and he spoke lovingly of his craft at that dinner. my friend was embarrased by his talking. i was astonished at such a breach of secrecy.

never forget this, when you ponder on terrorism, never forget, we created most of 'em, run most of 'em.


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Only those that can see this, will see this. But yes, there is no other conclusion. Chaos is the plan.

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