Monday, February 12, 2007


as i have commented previously, what is the order of battle? have you ever heard this issue discussed? ever read anything about this topic?

in the annnals of warfare, the order of battle is the critical method of determining how many forces must be deployed, and of what the forces will consist?

it is my assertion that there has been no valid opposition order of battle established for our military adventuring in iraq[the same will be obtaining concerning iran]. that would not be an error on the part of the military - that would be a directive from the potus[just as lbj and rmn directed an inaccurate opposition order of battle in vietnam].

what makes this bushit military adventuring so rife for deceit is that the usdod has hired at least two mercenary firms to conduct ops within iraq[and elsewhere in the region]. you know their names, blackwater and sandline.

as of this date, we know very little about who directs their operations. does centcom? or is it the zionist operation of special plans?

how are these mercs accounted for in the us order of battle? and what is their chain of command?

then we have the kurdish peshmurga. where do they show up in the order of battle? i think there is no doubt that the us special forces and brit sas have been arming and directing some level of peshmurga guerilla activities.

then there are canadian, ozzie, and kiwi sas personnel operating in the region. where do they show up in the order of battle? who is directing their activities?

and lastly the forces from the real instigator of all these mass-murdering, country-destroying hostilities, israel. who is operating them? directing them? how do they show up in the order of battle?

would israel create munitions to appear as if iranian? you bet they would. in a heartbeat.

would sandline mercs shoot down usa choppers? if the manager of the contract called for it, you bet?

as robert fisk might say, the great game is on in bush, tony blair are in pursuit of complete control of middle eastern hydrocarbons. and i don't think that most citizens of the united states have a clue as to massive deceitfulness of the entirety of the campaign.

the congress has been whistling past the cemetery for years. the amerikan media functions as if p.r. outlets for aipac.

it is all going to go up. putting usn ships of the line into the arabian gulf is the most dangerous decision that could be made. i wonder what the usn's order of battle configurations look like?

i close with this little story, today on cspan's booknotes, ron olive's 11/06 address concerning his book, CAPTURING POLLARD, aired.

you might want to catch it. it is interesting for what is said. and for what wasn't said. what wasn't said was that the principal material that pollard furnished israel was all the targeting for the usa's mirved icbm's.

there are a number of individuals in the world's intell communities that are pretty certain that israel furnished most of this data to some other icbm-equipped countries.

in that context, you might want to ponder on the "outing"of valerie outing that probably destroyed the usefulness of the cover prop, brewster-jennings. may have blown the covers and lives of others in that nuclear device surveillance project.

and may have prevented the uncovering of bushits, cheneys, the russo-israeli maffiya and their trafficking in conventional, as well as nuclear, weapons.

there is planet-destroying levels of international gangsterism running amok at the instigation, protection of the usa. and why is the congress so lame in its efforts to arrest it? graft,extortion, religious sentiment.

the gulf is going up. if you have children of draft age, i recommend that you send them to some other country. some place way out of the way.


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